By John Gideon on 1/24/2006, 4:57pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

The news has been full of ES&S having problems delivering optical-scan machines and now Diebold seems to have a problem delivering promised DREs to customers in Ohio. For the third time, the New York Times has editorialized in favor of optical-scan voting. In Alaska Diebold is doing all they can to cover-up the failures of their machines in 2004 by not allowing the state to release some files. Maryland's SoS is finally showing 'great concern' about the Diebold machines she has been touting for years....

  • NAtional: "Hacking" and the Paper Ballot-Optical Scan Voting System LINK
  • AK: State Refuses to Release Public Records LINK
  • AK: Diebold Blocks Alaska Voters From Viewing Election 2004 Results, Data! LINK
  • AK: State rebuffs raw vote demand LINK
  • AK: State Claims Diebold Data is Proprietary LINK
  • AR: Clark County - Quorum court paves way for purchase of voting machines LINK
  • CA: Humboldt County - Secretary of State visits county LINK
  • CA: Humboldt County - Secretary of state visits North Coast LINK
  • CA: San Mateo County: Supes To Vote On All-Mail Election Resolution LINK
  • CA: Yolo County - Yolo rejects electronic voting machines LINK
  • CT: Susan Bysiewicz - Starting Over On Voting-Machine Bids LINK
  • CT: Middletown - Forced re-vote for council seats in Middletown LINK
  • IN: Lake County - Voting changes explained LINK
  • MD: In Response to Florida Diebold Hack, Lamone Expresses 'Great Concern' about Threat to Maryland LINK
  • MD: Possible fraud cases highlight need for election reform (Bring on VoterID for MD) LINK
  • NC: Board sets voting machine deadline LINK
  • NC: New Hanover - New Hanover approves updating old voting machines LINK
  • NM: Not Paper Trail, Not Paper Record - Paper Ballot! LINK
  • NV: Washoe County - County hopes plan boosts voter turnout (Early voting) LINK
  • NY: 'Dead Last' in Voting Reform LINK
  • NY: Ulster County - Dem leader gets elections nod LINK
  • OH: Tuscarawas County - County to Diebold: About our machines? LINK
  • OH: Warren County - Lawyer who violated law picked for elections board LINK
  • OH: Warren County - Warren Co. pick has baggage. Elections board candidate had violation in '04 run LINK
  • PA: Centre County - County debates voting system LINK
  • TN: Bedford County - Voting machines to aid the disabled LINK
  • TN: Shelby County - Poll worker now faults machines in dead vote LINK
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