By John Gideon on 12/7/2005, 5:21pm PT  

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Though there were articles a couple of months ago about a potential securities fraud lawsuit against Diebold,\">VelvetRevolution has assisted in bringing the suit along. Today there was a renewed and expanded announcement about the status of the suit. Two court cases that have been ongoing for a year or more are back in the news again. The Congressman Wexler suit in Florida and the case brought by Linda Soubirous in Riverside Co., CA. are back in court. ...

  • NAtional: Diebold insider blows whistle LINK
  • NAtional: Exclusive: Potential Securities Fraud Class Action Lawsuit Against DIEBOLD In Progress! LINK
  • AL: DeKalb County - DeKalb's dilemma growing LINK
  • AR: Benton County - County to get new voting machines (ES&S) LINK
  • AR: Benton County - County Still Waiting For Voting Machines
    Leaders Look At Samples From Equipment Company LINK
  • AR: Washington County - Election Commission delays decision on voting equipment (ES&S) LINK
  • CA: Riverside County - Court hears Soubirous appeal LINK
  • CA: Orange County - Orange County, CA Registrar of Voters Demonstrate Hart InterCivic's Paper Audit Trail and Obtain Voter Feedback LINK
  • CT: Group of professors in battle with state over voting machines LINK
  • CT: LWVCT Concerns and Recommendations on Voting Machine Selection Process LINK
  • CT: Middletown ľ Editorial - Get On With The Vote LINK
  • FL: Court holds hearing on ballot reform suit LINK
  • FL: Wexler asks court to ensure manual recounts in close races LINK
  • FL: Gov. Bush Names Glenda Hood's Successor For Secretary Of State (Sue Cobb) LINK
  • IA: Black Hawk County - County to lease new voting machines for $144,000 for one year (Diebold) LINK
  • IL: Jersey County - Officials try new voting machines (AutoMark and ES&S) LINK
  • IN: Vanderburgh County - The Issue: Proposal would allow voting at any county precinct. Our View: Technology should allow for more convenient balloting. LINK
  • KS: Butler County - County approves purchase of voting machines LINK
  • MS: Lincoln County - Supervisors OK buying new voting machines (Diebold TSx) LINK
  • MS: Neshoba County - Electronic voting to be used in June LINK
  • NC: Brunswick County - District results flawed LINK
  • NJ: Northampton County - County appoints chief of elections LINK
  • NV: Voter registration plan in works (Voter Registration Database Won't Be Ready) LINK
  • NY: State to test voting machine; groups upset because it has no vvpat printer as required by state law. (Liberty) LINK
  • OH: Sparks fly over voter ID proposal LINK
  • OH: Trumbull County - Provisional, write-in ballots must be recounted by hand LINK
  • PA: Lancaster County - County might lease voting machines LINK
  • VA: Recount Will Start In Two Weeks LINK
  • VA: Norfolk - Candidate for treasurer not allowed to file complaint LINK
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