And a few smaller papers around the U.S. notice the GAO Report warning about our Electronic Electoral System in disarray
(Though still nothing from the Wires or the Major Mainstream Newspapers)
By Brad Friedman on 11/21/2005, 11:48am PT  

Stephen Oravecz of Mahoning Valley's Tribune Chronicle notices that there were a few problems in Ohio's 04 Presidential Election, and more problems persist still today...

It was a classic case of vote jump. On the TV screen, state Sen. Robert Hagan told how he tried to vote for John Kerry last year, but the touch-screen voting machine in his Youngstown precinct registered his vote for George Bush. Hagan went on to describe his astonishment and how it took repeated attempts for the machine to get the vote right.

Hagan's story may wind up in a documentary on the 2004 presidential election in Ohio being shot by filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman, who was nominated for an Academy Award in 1992 for her short subject documentary "When Abortion was Illegal: Untold Stories.''
Hagan was just one of several Youngstown residents who described similar experiences and said they walked away not knowing for sure if the machine accurately recorded their choice. Others talked about how they had to wait in line for hours.

It was like watching "Fahrenheit 9/11'' only the people on the screen are neighbors.

Fadiman's coming documentary is only one reminder that the debate over the 2004 presidential contest in Ohio - which gave Bush his victory - is far from over.

Fadiman is a wonderful filmmaker, citizen and human being, by the way, who we've come to know since first meeting her at the Election Reform Conference in Nashville earlier this year. We've also been interviewed for the documentary mentioned above. Whether we'll make the final cut will remain to be seen :-)

Oravecz also discusses the still un-reported recent non-partisan GAO report confirming the problems with Electronic Voting Machines that we've tried to make noise about (to little, but somewhat growing, avail) of late:

Another reminder is a report on electronic voting systems that the Government Accountability Office issued in September. Liberal or progressive bloggers were wondering why that report has not generated much attention in the mainstream media.

Also, an editorial in yesterday's Star-Gazette in New York references the GAO Report.

And in this week's Rock River Times, in Illinois, Senior Editor Joe Baker notices as well.

So that's one paper in New York, and another one called "Times". We guess we're getting closer...

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