By Katrina Wilcox on 9/26/2005, 9:35pm PT  
Special BRAD BLOG / Velvet Revolution coverage
of the Sep 24-26 Rally in D.C.
Guest blogged by Katrina Wilcox

Yes ... dear BRAD BLOG readers, I have not failed you. I have subjected our fearless leader to my interview questions as well. Bless his heart, he answered them.

1. What caused you to become an activist and when was this?

For the record, I don't feel that I'm an activist. I'm simply a citizen doing what I consider to be my civic duty.

So what caused me to realize I have a responsibility to do what I'm doing?

That probably deserves a longer answer than you're likely to want right now, but we can thank two parties for helping me to realize that civic duty: 1) George W. Bush - For helping me to see how a lack of concern for the ideals our country stands for, a complete disregard for our great Constitution and a complete disdain for our citizenry and our rule of law can so quickly destroy so much that so many have fought for over so many years, and... 2) The Corporate Mainstream Media - For their delinquency in being the watchdog against corruption and tyranny. They have wholly forgone their responsibility to this country in favor of the almighty dollar, leaving the citizens to fend for themselves as they drown in a toxic flood of corporate greed and indifference beneath the broken levees of the once-great Fourth Estate.

2. What compelled you to start The BRAD BLOG?

Boredom. I had been producing an enormous weekly show (CRIME SCENE) in Los Angeles for the previous five years. It was a gigantic new show each and every week which played to sold out audiences for its entire run. After a few months rest, I found myself itching to get busy with something. I had no idea it would ever become what it has. I can't wait until the day it returns to little more than re-posting of Doonesbury cartoons and the occasional ideal it was when it began.

In an ironic side-note, I played a fake satirical newsguy in that show for a while, performing weekly takes on politics and the media ( Now I play a real satirical newsguy on The BRAD BLOG. The line between comedy and reality...and the corporate mainstream startling and gives me either a chuckle or a good cry at least once or twice every week.

I'm horrified that I'm doing what I'm doing. But someone's got to.

3. What message would you like every American to hear at this crucial time?

Pay attention to what is happening to your once great democracy. If you don't, it will be gone. The politicians are failing you. The media is failing you. It's time for a Velvet Revolution.

4. Given the chance to address Congress and the administration, what would you say to them?

You're all under arrest. Please head this way...The Bus to "Club Gitmo" is waiting for you.

(Except for you, Mr. Conyers...and one or two others, you can stay and fix what these bastards have done.)

5. What do you consider to be the most important problem facing America at this point? Do you have a solution?

Elections are a joke. Democracy is dead. The two party duopoly has hastened the destruction of this country and the rise of the Corporate Machine.

The solution? Making noise. Now.

6. Bringing about change in the government through letter writing, signing petitions, and making phone calls is not working. Do you have any thoughts or ideas on ways to accomplish real change?

I'm not sure I agree with your premise that the letters, petitions and phone calls are not working. Perhaps not working as fast as we like. But trust me, if everyone who voted in America (whether those votes are counted or not) sent a letter, made a phone call or signed a petition every day, I promise you things would change and they'd change fast.

And if they didn't, when only half of those people headed to Washington and took to the streets to demand change, the quivering white cowards who sit atop the American Congressional/Corporate Elite would haul ass down outta town to their off-shore vacation homes to take up permanent exile so quick it'd make your head spin.

I'll be happy to show them the door. But I'll need the help of at least half of those who cast votes (or try to) in America.

7. One such idea is for everyone that attends this weekend's rally to stay in Washington until the government is forced to change and bring the troops home, etc. Do you think that idea would work?

Yup. Without a question. The bad guys count on our indifference. Show them resolve, stand up for real American values and the cretins who run the government will fall like a house of cards.

8. Do you have any thoughts or ideas on ways to get the corporate media to get our message out?

Keep doing what you're doing. And I'll keep doing what I am doing.

We have the advantage over the bad guys --- although I know it's sometimes hard to feel it --- that we are right and they are wrong. And each and every day someone else realizes that and comes on board.

Feel a Velvet Revolution brewing yet?

If not, keep up the good work. Rome wasn't built in a day. And bad guys don't give up power easily. But they don't do well against angry mobs with torches and pitchforks.

9. Are there any further comments you would like to make?

May God bless America. But don't count on him to save it.

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