By Katrina Wilcox on 9/26/2005, 8:33am PT  
Special BRAD BLOG / Velvet Revolution coverage
of the Sep 24-26 Rally in D.C.
Blogged by Katrina Wilcox and Dan Wilcox

Video Journalist Dan Wilcox has provided BRAD BLOG with an exclusive video of the anti-war protests in DC on Saturday, September 24 at the White House. Gives a great sense of the crowd and its size...which none of the cable channels --- including C-SPAN! --- felt was newsworthy enough to broadcast! Includes exclusive footage of Cindy Sheehan and Jesse Jackson in the march.

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UPDATE: Ron Scott of Detroit News describes the weekend's pathetic coverage by the Cable News channels in his article today: "500,000 People Vanish in Washington, DC"

BREAKING UPDATE (9/26/05): AP reports Sheehan and about 50 others arrested today in front of White House!


It's one thing to read the words, or hear the words, but to FEEL the words is unbelievable!

On Saturday we FELT the power WE have. When enough of US get together, WE make the rules.

Before the march while walking to the Washington Monument there were so many of US flooding the streets WE didn't have to obey traffic lights. Cars didn't matter. WE literally OWNED the ground WE walked on!

If WE decide to, WE can become a “rainbow river” (© Dan :-) that at any moment can choose to flow into Washington DC and take OUR White House back.

The only reason the three rows of fences stayed up between US and Our White House on Saturday was because each one of US decided to let them stand. WE could just as easily have walked forward, stepped over the fallen fences, and flowed on into Our White House. Anytime WE want to, WE can do that.

That is the power WE felt standing in a crowd of half-million like-minded people on Saturday. A half-million people with one purpose, one goal. A half-million people flying OUR colors.

WE saw how many of US there are. Watch this video and you will see JUST how many of US there are. You will see what they don't want you to see. Just how numerous WE are. JUST how powerful WE are.

We owned that ground. WE owned Our White House. It was Ours. And WE wanted it back! The power was palatable.

WE owned several miles of the world's most exclusive prime real estate on Saturday for a day. Then WE gave it back to them by walking away. WE told them WE want things to change. WE showed them that if things don't change, WE will be back. And if WE have to come back, WE will come back in even larger numbers. And next time WE aren't going to walk away until WE get those changes.

So … choose your favorite Peace Now, Stop the War, Troops Home Now or Impeach Bush pin or t-shirt and start wearing it everyday. WE have to let OUR colors show. WE will discover just how many of US there are everywhere and that WE are already a powerful “rainbow river” flowing through this nation.

Fly your colors!

WE HAVE THE POWER! Shout it louder! WE HAVE THE POWER! Shout it louder! WE HAVE THE POWER!