By Brad Friedman on 8/8/2005, 6:33pm PT  

Appeared earlier this afternoon on KVI 570am Fox News Radio in Seattle. Ostensibly, I was told the interview would concern the ACVR scammers. They had ACVR's liar-in-chief, "Thor" Hearne on the show last Friday but apparently Thor didn't want me to be on with him for some reason.

Turns out the host, John Carlson had a hard-on for Photo ID restrictions at the polls, despite all evidence that there's no particular epidemic problem of Voter Fraud in this country that Photo ID would in any way solve. It would, however, disenfranchise many Democratic-leaning voters, of course. All of which is the mission of the ACVR, as you all likely know by now.

In anycase, I did my best to bring to truth to Carlson's "Fox News Treatment". Give the 22 minute interview [MP3] a listen and let me know what you think and how I did. We record, you decide...