Phony News Organization 'GOPUSA' Shuffles Out Same Tired Smokescreen
Tactic Signals Desperation in Bushville...
By Brad Friedman on 6/13/2005, 10:37pm PT  

The facts of the Downing Street Minutes are clearly gaining traction and apparently have the hard-right apologists up against the ropes in seeking an exit strategy from their current pickle.

Today they trotted out Bobby Eberle of GOPUSA --- the phony "news" organization, that hired "Jeff Gannon", the phony "journalist" with the phony name --- in a failed attempt to throw cold water on the exploding Downing Street Minutes issues.

As with the debacle that was Election 2004, featuring hundreds (if not thousands) of "irregularities" that occurred in order to ensure a Bush win last November, the Neo-Cons have dusted off the old "Conspiracy Theory" defense again, this time in lieu of being able to slither out of the apparent "High Crimes" demonstrated by the DSM and the myriad of corroborating evidence that has appeared since the initial minutes were leaked (by a Rupert Murdoch paper, no less!)

Having (so far) gotten away with their Election 2004 chicanery with liberal uses of the "Conspiracy Theory" buzzphrase, the assumption is likely to be "Well, it worked so well to deflect from our gaming of the election, let's use it again to smokescreen our lying the country into war!"

Nonetheless, the transparency of the tactic to attempt to belittle those who would like an explanation and/or investigation to examine the behavior of the Bush Administration as described in the DSM --- the facts and intelligence having been "fixed" around the pre-determined policy of toppling Saddam through military means --- clearly signals that the Right is quickly becoming desperate as they find themselves bereft of a way out of this mess. As of now anyway.

And all of that even while their only other current defense ("But we went to the U.N. afterwards, so that must prove...something!") seems to be falling flat on its face.

From Eberle's sad little attempt at propaganda (emphasis added)...

If there's one thing left wingers love, it's a good, old-fashioned conspiracy. Give them a small nibble of a "claim" of wrong doing against the current White House, conservatives, or Republicans, and the left wing fringe will pounce into action. Facts? Data? Evidence? Those items are simply minor inconveniences to their "analysis" of right wing efforts to rule the world, steal elections, plant White House reporters, or a host of other perceived dirty deeds.
Once again, the left wing zealots are putting facts and evidence aside and letting their conspiracy theory fears run wild.
One web site dedicated to the "Downing Street" memo, describes the memo's contents as "shocking." The web site goes on to say that documents such as the memo make it "at least possible" that a crime "may have been" committed by the Bush administration. It's "at least possible" that a crime "may have been" committed? What kind of statement is that? It's also "at least possible" that there "may be" aliens hidden in New Mexico. No, I don't have evidence to support that claim, but there is "talk" by "some" that the aliens exist. Hmmm... must be a fact, right?
Perhaps the far left simply has no grasp of the basic concepts of analysis and investigation. More likely, they simply see the facts as obstacles to their goal of tearing down an administration and dividing the country. Shout loud enough, and people will listen. That seems to be their strategy. Luckily for America, more and more people are tired of the rhetoric and are simply tuning them out. My suggestion is that they help me find the aliens. I could use a hand.

Of course, the rest of Eberle's attempt to save Bush is filled with all matter of the usual wingnut buzzphrases, but you get the idea.

We especially enjoyed Eberle's hypnotic suggestion that "more and more people are tired of the rhetoric and are simply tuning them out" even while Bush's poll ratings plummet and the number of Americans who believe we entered this war under false pretenses skyrockets.

But to paraphrase Eberle: Say something enough and people just may believe it. Doesn't look like that's gonna work for them this time, however.

The Feedback Link for Eberle is here, but this guy is such a deeply hooked in hard-right operative with his soul long ago both bought and paid for, that it's probably not even worth the time to bury him with Email.

These guys are in trouble. And, so far at least, it doesn't look like they have much of a plan.

If only they had as much interest in the good of the country and its citizenry as they do in clinging to their own increasingly fragile and indescribably selfish hold on power.

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