By Brad Friedman on 6/3/2005, 12:32pm PT  

Chicago Tribune's Mark Silva has seemingly gotten an earful (or an eyeful as the case with Email may be) for helping out Bush this week, by changing his use of the word "disassembling" when in actuality he meant "dissembling", in Silva's coverage of Bush's Rose-Garden Presser last Tuesday. (Here's our previous quick story, showing how Silva and many other members of the so-called "Liberal" Media did the same favor for Bush.)

In response yesterday, Silva attempted to shrug it all off in a piece headlined "Catalog of 'Bushisms' continue to expand".

As Silva seemingly winks and nods about his poor judgement by covering a few more of Bush's "dyslexicon" moments, he mentions the "disassembling" matter specifically...

Karen Murphy of Lansdowne, Pa., and many other readers took exception with this reporter's decision to spell dissemble correctly in an account of Bush's news conference this week.

"If it were more of a truly `honest' mistake, i.e., someone misspeaking when you know they really know the difference, I would have agreed with your choice," Murphy wrote. "But of course, that isn't the case with the master dissembler, who really knows how to disassemble working public policy or institutions, other countries, governments, etc."

Oddly enough, however, in the very next graf, Silva goes on to give one of the most mystifying apologies for his own behavior that we could imagine:

Yet even Bush's closest supporters have taken to soft-pedaling what one Web site has dubbed "Dubyaspeak" by laughing away the malaprops.

Huh? Are we reading that correctly?

Silva seems to be saying there, that because "even Bush's closest supporters" attempt to play down his inability to articulate an idea without sounding like an idiot, that others (including the media, we guess) should somehow excuse the fact that the American "President" appears to be a complete moron.

What the hell is Silva smoking? And can we get some of it?

The point of all of this, by the way, is not to pick on Bush, or on the couple of (well, scores of ) media folks for covering up this mostly-unimportant (and we're being generous ourselves here) slip of the tongue. The point is to demonstrate how even in the most seemingly insignificant ways, the American Corporate Mainstream Media is in the business of shining a positive light on Bush in any way that they can. We won't bother to make a case of the possible reasons for it today. But either way, it's a fine demonstration of everything that is wrong with today's media.

Such apologies --- by knee-jerk habit or premeditated agenda --- would seem to fly in the face of what one would think ought to be the media's primary mission: To keep America and the world informed about what this Administration is actually doing and actually saying. We believe it's then up to America and the world, to decide what to make of it all. All by themselves! It's not up to the press corps to hold our hands by letting us know what to think!

Keep up the bad work, Silva! The White House check is in the mail!

Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune

And one last take (hopefully) on the matter from the refreshingly un-apologetic Tom Toles --- (an editorial cartoonist, whose job is to help us know what to think! Understand the difference, Mr. Silva?) ...

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