Guest Host Nicole Sandler with author/journalist Cory Doctorow...
By Nicole Sandler on 7/23/2021, 4:04pm PT  

It's NICOLE SANDLER , back once again to guest host the BradCast.

Today, I'm thrilled to share an interview with author, journalist and activist CORY DOCTOROW.

Cory is a fascinating man. He's written a slew of books that defy categories. He writes science fiction, young adult novels and non-fiction works on today's topic and more. You can find his bio and info on his books at And get his daily blog at

The subject he writes a lot about and the one that we discussed today is the issue of monopolies and anti-trust.

We actually began this conversation in June, the first time he appeared on my show. As I usually do, I booked him for a half hour. Well, that wasn't nearly enough. So as the interview wound down, I invited him back, and we set a date for the next month. Our timing was fortuitous.

During that first interview, Cory broke what was news to me, saying that a package of antitrust legislation was working its way through Congress, and we'd soon be hearing about it. Sure enough, the following week, we heard about the House Judiciary Committee marking up that package of bills!

Then, on the Friday before we were scheduled for our second interview, President Biden announced a massive Executive Order containing 72 provisions encouraging competition, and taking aim at the monopolies that are strangling the nation.

It was a fascinating hour that I'm thrilled to share with you here on The BradCast!...


* * *
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