Is This A Vicious Rumor ... Or A Gift? We'll find out soon enough!!
also: Clint Curtis story hits Philly paper?
By Winter Patriot on 4/29/2005, 2:04pm PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

According to a comment we received on another thread, it may be time for a flashing light alert --- CSPAN is again threatening to show the lecture presented in Madison, Wisconsin, by David Ray Griffin...

This has been in the breeze for a while now. There was supposedly a prior date set for it but the broadcast was allegedly cancelled. Or postponed. Or something. Can't quite grab it by the tail ...

But in any event ... the video of Griffin's Madison lecture (which was said to be excellent) might be broadcast on CSPAN2 (the book channel), Saturday morning at 10:30. Eastern time, local time, I don't know. I wish I could tell you but I can't. Check your listings. Post your listings. My research skills seem to be on vacation and I'm in a hurry [again!] but I invite you to post whatever you've got pertaining to the lecture and the broadcast, here on this thread.

PLUS! Unconfirmed reports from trusted sources indicate that the Josh Mittledorf piece "View from Another Planet", which ran at the Free Press a couple of weeks ago, may have been published by the Philadelphia Inquirer. This is important because Mittledorf wrote about Clint Curtis:

I heard Clint Curtis talk about working in 2001 as a programmer for Yang Enterprises in Florida. He was assigned, one day, to a meeting with State Senate Speaker Tom Feeney, who asked to have a program written into the software that controls voting machines so that the totals could be manipulated without leaving a trace. Curtis, the whistleblower, is now unemployed. Feeney, the politician, is now the U.S. Representative from Florida's 24th Congressional district.

UPDATES!! with details provided by cooperative BradBlog readers...

Re: C-SPAN to show Griffin lecture:

notice of Griffin's April 16 lecture

BOOK TV on C-Span2 Schedule

Watch or Listen to Book TV on C-SPAN2 (Real Player, Standalone & Windows Media Player audio & video links on left sidebar)

CSPAN schedule lists Griffin's lecture at 10:30

Griffin's associated with this website, and it says, among other things:

Conflict and violence in which lines are drawn along religious parochialisms, pitting adherents of one religion against adherents of another, have no basis within the authentic piety of our traditions.

The mainstream 9-11 thesis blames the success of the attacks on the combination of two factors: “angry Muslim fanatics” and an “overwhelmed or incompetent domestic security apparatus.”

The 9-11 Truth movement categorically rejects this thesis based on overwhelming evidence that 9-11 was ‘an inside job' as much as it was a foreign attack. The Kean-Zelikow Commission's official U.S. government account of what occurred within our National Security Apparatus that led to the tragedy is egregiously untrue. No reasonable person who studies it carefully, comparing it to other information from major media sources, government officials, and independent investigators, could possibly believe it. The eminent Christian theologian Dr. David Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor, has just published a devastating critique of the Kean-Zelikow report. Griffin's book is called The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions. It concludes: “As this book was going to press, I learned that The 9/11 Commission Report had been included among the finalists for the National Book Awards. I would not have been shocked by this news except for the fact that the nomination was in the nonfiction category.”

Re: Clint Curtis Story Hits Philly

Philadelphia Enquirer

Josh Middledorf article: My Election 2004 bad dream (account required).

this google page gives unrestricted access to the Middledorf article

That's all for now ... stop by later for more details ... as our readers find them...

thanks, guys!