State troopers leave Kaci Hickox' house after court ruling, despite Maine Governor's claim they were there 'to protect her'...
By Brad Friedman on 10/31/2014, 1:02pm PT  

One of America's dumbest governors (Maine's Paul LePage) and one of its most dishonest, corrupt obnoxious (New Jersey's Chris Christie), both received a fairly stinging rebuke from a judge in Maine today, who thoroughly rejected the idiotic and dangerous attempts to quarantine medical aid worker and badass Kaci Hickox, after she recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone.

"The court is fully aware of the misconceptions, misinformation, bad science and bad information being spread from shore to shore in our country with respect to Ebola," Judge Charles C. LaVerdiere, the chief judge for the Maine District Courts said in his ruling, according to AP. "The court is fully aware that people are acting out of fear and that this fear is not entirely rational."

Before rejecting LePage's legal attempt to restrict her movements, LaVerdiere "thanked Hickox for her service in Africa and acknowledged the gravity of restricting someone's constitutional rights without solid science to back it up."

Hickox, who does not have Ebola, has never had Ebola, is not infectious with Ebola and is symptom-free of Ebola, "said she is following the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation of daily monitoring for fever and other signs of the disease," since returning home from her important work in West Africa.

She had been ordered quarantined by Christie in NJ upon her return, before being allowed to travel home to Maine earlier this week, where LePage has also been attempting to restrict her movements --- because both Governors are cowardly and dangerous imbeciles.

One more interesting point here...

AP reports that "With the judge's ruling, a state police cruiser parked outside [Hickox'] home drove away."

Well, that's odd. LePage told reporters yesterday that he had stationed state troopers outside her house "to protect her more than anybody" because, as he claimed in an incredibly creepy and threatening on-camera statement (see video below beginning at the 10:00 mark), "the last thing I want is for her to hurt."

LePage's remarks could have come straight out of The Godfather:

LEPAGE: The reason there's a police car there is to protect her more than anybody, because the last thing I want is for her to hurt. But at the same token, her behavior is really riling a lot of people out there, and, uh, ya know, I can only do what I can do. And we're trying to protect her, but she's not acting as smart as she probably should.

We have 1.3 million people to protect. So on one hand, I'm trying to protect the entire state. But at the same token, I don't want her to get hurt either.

Tempers get flaring when people get scared, and this is not a very nice position to be in.

So, LePage claimed he was "trying to protect her", but, the minute the court said she could not be quarantined or have her movements restricted by the state without science-based cause, the state trooper ordered to be stationed outside her house left.

Apparently, LePage wasn't very interested in protecting her after all.

LePage is up for re-election this Tuesday, and could squeak by again in another three-way race. In the video below, Maddow describes him as Maine's "bombastic walking carnival of a Governor." But she was being far too kind.

* * *

MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show covered the latest science-free idiocy of LePage, Christie et al on the Thursday, 10/31/2014 program. LePage's seemingly-threatening comments about aid worker and Ebola-free medical professional Hickox begin just after the 10:00 mark in the video segment below...

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