Via AP...

"I think we're seeing almost weekly, or even daily, scientists that are coming forward and questioning the original idea that manmade global warming is what is causing the climate to change," the Texas governor said on the first stop of a two-day trip to the first-in-the-nation primary state [New Hampshire].

You "think" wrong, Governor.

He said some want billions or trillions of taxpayer dollars spent to address the issue, but he added: "I don't think from my perspective that I want to be engaged in spending that much money on still a scientific theory that has not been proven and from my perspective is more and more being put into question."

At the same time, officials currently estimate that the record heat and record drought that Texas is now facing --- just as the scientists Perry "thinks" he knows better than had long ago predicted --- will cost the state more than $20 billion in record losses to crops, livestock and more. That price tag could rise, as today's remarkable predictions from the National Weather Service report there is "no end in sight" for the crisis in Texas at this time.

Money spent to help avert the worsening crisis that Texas is already facing is a bad idea, according to what Perry "thinks". Even if what he "thinks" runs counter to, as the AP story accurately notes, the actually-informed opinions of "an overwhelming majority of scientists that pollution released from the burning of fossil fuels is heating up the planet."

On the other hand, money spent by Perry in support of the 100% evidence-free "theory" that there is a giant invisible bearded floating man in the sky who should be worshipped by his constituents on complete "faith", is apparently no problem.

It's remarkable how many GOP officials and sycophants seem to know more about climate science --- and the extraordinary body of data meticulously gathered by thousands of climate scientists, in dozens of disciplines, over many decades --- than actual climate scientists do.

For those who may be dumb enough to agree with the remarkably dumb Perry, just one question: If you get cancer, will you be going to see an Oncologist for diagnosis and treatment? Or will you go find out what the Governor of Texas or Rush Limbaugh or the U.S. Chamber of Commerice or the Koch Brothers "think" about your cancer instead?