Trying to get it right in the meantime...
By Brad Friedman on 11/8/2004, 4:02pm PT  

Yes, it's no surprise that hackers are now attacking this site. If you have trouble getting in for the moment, that is likely the reason. Doing our best to ward off the attacks. Now why do you suppose, they'd want to attack us?

In the meantime, I'm working on quite a few different things at the moment. Following up various leads and tips sent in, looking at varying analysis of data, etc. LOTS of information coming in. I'm hoping to post only the most notable and reliable here.

Such items will be added to the "Grand Theft America" index at the top of this page, if they are a) Confirmed by Elections Officials and/or b) Directly related to the addition or loss of votes on a large or highly suspicious scale.

Yes, I'm familiar with the troubling Warren County, OH "homeland security lockdown" incident, and will probably post more on that later today. Thank you to those who have sent in notes about it. I'm trying to learn more on that, and a few other incidents reported elsewhere, but I'm trying to confirm on my own where I can.

Also, Voters Unite has an excellent database of troubling reported incidents concerning E-Voting malfunctions and anomalies from around the country. I encourage you to check them out, confirm what you can, and report back with what you learn if it's noteworthy.

As well, many of you have asked "what can we do?!" --- and "is it too late since Kerry conceded?". The short answer to the latter, is no, a concession is a political nicety. It has no legal standing. If, for whatever reason, a re-count is required, or a final tally shows Kerry winning Ohio, he becomes President. Period. Kerry's concession on Nov. 3 (and one that was way too early in my opinion, and apparently those of many others) means nothing.

As to "what can you do?", I am trying to put together some organized steps of action at the same time I'm trying to do everything else. In the meantime, along with alerting your friends and relatives to what is going on (feel free to give them a link to this blog, or this specific link to the "Grand Theft America" index) and posting about all of this on various sites on the "Internets", please let Terry McAuliffe know how you feel about the Dem's quick exit stage left after Election Day. He has asked for your feedback, tell him to GET BACK TO WORK since all of us still are! Many of you worked hard for him, it might be nice if he now returned the favor! Feel free to point him to this blog or anywhere else where reporting on this is going on. But let him know how you feel by clicking here!

As always...more soon...

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