By Brad Friedman on 2/9/2011, 2:15pm PT  

If you missed last night's Malloy Show (which I'm guest hosting all week), you should try to find the time to go back and give it all a listen. Once you do, you'll see why. The commercial-free audio archives are right here.

If nothing else, I wanted to share with you this great caller last night. "Will", a truck driver from Tennessee, called in, during the third hour, after we'd been discussing (and I'd been ranting about) accountability (or lack thereof, so far) for Justice Clarence Thomas' 20-years of financial disclosure crimes and the continuing outrage that is the Supreme Court's support of the absurd concept of "corporate personhood", and what the hell the good folks of this nation can do to correct any of it.

Will had a great idea...

After Will's call about "awakening the sleeper" we heard from another trucker with a similar sentiment in the chat room, as well as via Twitter.

Hey truckers! Let's get that convoy rolling!

I suspect I'll be picking up on some of those points again on tonight's show, as I continue my week guest hosting for Mike.

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