GOP groups warn fellow suckers to stop the ACORN bogeyman from stealing 2010 elections!!! (AND PLEASE DONATE!!!)...
By Brad Friedman on 10/18/2010, 4:46pm PT  

We've seen a lot of insane, hyperbolic Rightwing scare emails in our time. But the one posted at the end of this article, signed by the appropriately named Gary G. Kreep, Esq., Executive Director of a group calling themselves the United States Justice Foundation (USJF), warning that ACORN is "Still alive and ready to steal the November 2 elections"(!!!) just may take the cake.

As expected, as they now do every election year, the Rightwing is ginning up this year's Republican War on Voting right on schedule. They've been at it so long, and have disinformed so many of their own gullible voters and politicians, that it's likely most of them have come to actually believe their own cynical propaganda about "massive voter fraud" by Democrats and their evil evil election-stealing allies at ACORN!

If you read TPM Muckraker, you know the RNLA ("Republican National Lawyers Association," though "Republican National Liars Association" would be at least as accurate) has been running a series of a bunch of disinfo seminars over the last few days, featuring all of the "voter fraud" fraudster all-stars and the usual suspects like grand-daddy of the GOP vote-fraud-myth set, John Fund in what they disingenuously describe as their "unprecedented" "election education efforts".

On the ground, of course, the years of disinfo has translated into Rightwing voter suppression efforts meant to do absolutely nothing more than challenge and/or intimidate Democratic-leaning voters on Election Day in order to squeeze out an advantage for Republicans as needed. We covered the shameful efforts of the "True The Vote/King Street Patriots" bunch a few weeks back. Since then, new organized efforts at playing out the GOP's great anti-democracy tradition have popped up around the nation, as expected.

The email from the "USJF" today, encapsulates the growing madness brilliantly...

In Illinois, for example, Republican U.S. Senator Mark Kirk was heard describing his campaign's, and that of the local Republican Party, to deploy "lawyers and other key, vulnerable precincts...where the other side might be tempted to jigger the numbers somewhat". He offered no evidence why the two predominately African-American areas he was targeting for his so-called "voter integrity" project were either "vulnerable" or might be "tempted to jigger the numbers".

Elsewhere, a GOP voter suppression effort similar to the one we described in Houston has popped up in Wisconsin where a coalition of Rightwing groups are offering a $500 bounty for tips leading to "voter fraud convictions" under the offensively named "Election Integrity Watch" group.

(Voter fraud, "dead people" voting, or voters illegally registered or voting more than once, is exceedingly rare. It's a virtually impossible way to steal an election. Election fraud, on the other hand, is the very real threat of a single election insider, of any party, flipping the results of an election with a few clicks of a mouse on concealed vote counting computers or massive disenfranchisement of voters through schemes of the type the GOP groups are once again running this year. Kudos to MSNBC's Keith Olbermman last week for directly pointing out that distinction as we've been trying to explain around here for years. The GOP normally uses terms like "voter integrity" or "ballot integrity" as the dog-whistle code words for their anti-democracy efforts. Those of us concerned about actual Election Integrity use that phrase to describe the very real, non-partisan concerns of election fraud across the board. Thus, the WI group's adoption of that phrase for their name is both offensive and inaccurate, as far as what they appear to actually be up to.)

To make matters worse, the fake ACORN hit-job, carried out last year against the four-decade old anti-poverty, pro-democracy community organization by Republican con-men James O'Keefe and Andrew Breitbart, along with several years of legislation by Rightwing officials making it more difficult, legally onerous and expensive for third-party groups to run voter registration drives has had a severe effect on new voter registrations this year. According to the Washington Independent and NYU's Brennan Center for Justice, in some places around the country there will be some 26% fewer new voters legally signed up to participate in their own democracy this year versus the last mid-term election in 2006, thanks in no small part to such anti-democracy efforts.

To get just a taste of what's circulating out there below the radar amongst the disinformation crowd, as seen on the huge Republican email lists, the following email today from a group calling themselves "United States Justice Foundation" (USJF) may take the cake for obnoxiousness, craven financial self-service and utter inaccuracy as they charge that ACORN --- a group which by and large no longer exists --- actually does exist, "have changed their name", have "'re-invented' themselves...just in time to support Barack Hussein Obama's allies in the next election", where they are planning to "ONCE AGAIN steal an election by using dead people on the election rolls" and, the group charges, "our DOJ is doing nothing about it." [All emphasis from the original email.]

Never mind that ACORN has never been found guilty of any impropriety leading to even a single illegally cast ballot by anyone in any election. Or that even George W. Bush's own Dept. of Justice, despite their unprecedented effort to catch those dastardly vote fraudsters, was only able to get convictions for 23 illegal votes out of millions cast across the nation from 2002 to 2005 (the most recent numbers we're able to find right now).

How ACORN was able to steal some 10 million votes in order to steal Obama's election for him in 2008, without getting caught stealing even one, goes unmentioned in the USJF note.

The insane, hyperbolic email, signed by the aforementioned Kreep, explains the groups two-pronged strategy to "urgently" fight this evil menace before it is too late to make "sure that democracy prevails!"

Their plan is 1) to use their site to send faxes to state Governors and AG's and 2) SEND THE USJF MONEY TODAY!!!! so they can "Set up a USJF HOTLINE EMAIL for use by YOU, a surrogate poll watcher, to report via email IMMEDIATELY on election night any voter fraud or intimidation."

[UPDATE: Turns out Gary Kreep is the same scheister who scammed for money with a Barack Obama "birther" infomercial a while back as well. H/T Mathew Osborne of Osborne Ink!]

As we are well aware, as of October 18th, 2010 in these United States, facts, reality, evidence, etc. mean absolutely nothing to the Foxified target audience of emails like this. Our society has decided that lying with impunity is just fine, thanks, there will be no accountability for same --- at least if you're a Republican.

Here is the USJF's breathless, hyperbolic and yet nearly 100% fact-free email circulating today in full...

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