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By Desi Doyen on 10/5/2010, 1:18pm PT  

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IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Toxic sludge in Hungary; Toxic campaign pledges from Republicans; Green Marines!; the White House goes solar --- again --- finally; PLUS: Trashing the louder-than-hell SunChips compostable bag ... All that and more in today's Green News Report!

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IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see links below): Republican governors could kill high speed rail projects; Monsanto's fortunes turn sour; BP interfered in rig fire: contractor; Sony pulls out of the climate change campaign; VA AG continues "climategate" witch hunt; Brazil Presidential election a breakthrough for Greens, environment; Changes needed to make nuke plants secure: report; Remembering the miners lost in the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster; Determined ignorance in the Senate ...PLUS: As the World Burns: How the Senate and the White House missed their best chance to deal with climate change ...


  • Toxic Sludge 'Tsunami' Kills 4 in Hungary:
  • Toxic Campaign Pledges from Republicans:
    • WATCH: President Obama's Weekly Address: Solar Power & a Clean Energy Economy: The President points to a revolutionary new solar plant that will employ 1,000 people and power 140,000 homes. The plant is possible because of the President’s investments in the clean energy economy, which Congressional Republicans want to eliminate. (WhiteHouse.gov)

  • Green Marines: Dept. of Defense Push to Develop Renewable Fuel Sources
    • U.S. Military Orders Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels (NY Times):
      Last week, a Marine company from California arrived in the rugged outback of Helmand Province bearing novel equipment: portable solar panels that fold up into boxes; energy-conserving lights; solar tent shields that provide shade and electricity; solar chargers for computers and communications equipment.
      After a decade of waging wars in remote corners of the globe where fuel is not readily available, senior commanders have come to see overdependence on fossil fuel as a big liability, and renewable technologies - which have become more reliable and less expensive over the past few years - as providing a potential answer.
    • The Big Green Buy (The Nation) [emphaiss added]:
      After all, the government didn't just fund the invention of the microprocessor; it was also the first major consumer of the device.
      The federal government will spend $3.6 trillion this year. In more concrete terms, Uncle Sam owns or leases more than 430,000 buildings (mostly large office buildings) and 650,000 vehicles. The federal government is the world's largest consumer of energy and vehicles, and the nation's largest greenhouse gas emitter. Add state and local government activity, and all those numbers grow by about a third again.

      A redirection of government purchasing would create massive markets for clean power, electric vehicles and efficient buildings, as well as for more sustainably produced furniture, paper, cleaning supplies, uniforms, food and services. If government bought green, it would drive down marketplace prices sufficiently that the momentum toward green tech would become self-reinforcing and spread to the private sector.

    • Green Marines Phase Out Fuel, Take Solar Generators to War: The greenest Marine company ever is going to war, as they prep to deploy with a new collection of solar-powered equipment that could reduce their fuel consumption in Afghanistan by 30 to 50 percent. (Wired)
    • The Upside of War (Collide-A-Scape)
    • Missing weapons: The US defence department should be at the centre of the nation's energy policy, says Daniel Sarewitz. (Nature)
    • READ the Report: Powering America's Economy: Energy Innovation at the Crossroads of National Security (CNA)
  • The White House Goes Solar --- AGAIN

    • The White House Goes Solar (Steven Chu, Secretary of the Department of Energy) [emphasis added]:
      As we move towards a clean energy economy, the White House will lead by example. I am pleased to announce that by the end of this spring, there will be solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity and a solar hot water heater on the roof of the White House. It's been a long time since we've had them up there. These two solar installations will be part of a Department of Energy demonstration project. The project will show that American solar technology is available, reliable, and ready to install in homes throughout the country.
      Around the world, the White House is a symbol of freedom and democracy. It should also be a symbol of America's commitment to a clean energy future.
  • Priorities, People!: Trashing the "Noisy" SunChips Compostable Bag
    • Why We're Doomed: (Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones):
      What miffs me is that a little noise was apparently too much for Americans to handle.
      In the grand scheme of things, this is the absolute, bare-minimum level of sacrifice Americans are asked to make. They still get to eat the same chips, they just come from a different bag; they still light their homes, but with a slightly different bulb. But apparently that's still too much. Even worse is the fact that Americans can't must the support to pass a climate bill, but a bunch of angry couch potatoes can successfully mobilize to force Frito-Lay to drop their innovative product.
    • Frito-Lay sends noisy, 'green' SunChips bag to the dump (USA Today)
    • The Loud Sun Chips Bag Is Dead (Gawker)
    • FLASHBACK: The New Sun Chips Bags Are Louder Than a Lawnmower (Gawker):
      A Facebook group called "SORRY BUT I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THIS SUN CHIPS BAG" has attracted 29,949 fans, with many posting outraged comments. It's "the worst when your stoned at 2am and trying to not wake up the house," one person said.

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