By Brad Friedman on 5/26/2010, 4:53pm PT  

(Note: See bottom of toon for a quick comment of mine in response. - BF)

As usual, the great Tom Tomorrow is right on the money this week --- but with one exception here (a generosity to the media which I'm guessing he couldn't avoid, so as to make his broader point clear).

In the 4th panel where he quotes Media Woman as saying "On the other hand, industry-financed skeptics disagree," the more accurate quote would have been "On the other hand, skeptics disagree."

Corporate media seem to feel no obligation about pointing out that those "skeptics" they so dutifully quote (no matter how legitimate or illegitimate the skepticism) are actually industry shills. See this recent, and perfect, example of the NYTimes doing exactly that in regard to the BP Oil Disaster.

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