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By John Gideon on 7/30/2008, 4:19pm PT  

In today’s “Featured” article, Voter Action had this to say in opposition to S.3212, “The United States Congress should be investigating, not financing, the private companies that have sold the DRE systems to states and counties throughout the country. With more than 3 billion dollars at stake, the American people have the right to know whether these companies knowingly marketed a defective product, as some evidence now reveals. If, in fact, any of these companies engaged in deceptive practices in accessing public funds, they should be held accountable and states and counties should get their money back. Just as Congress needed to apply scrutiny to Big Tobacco, it is time for Congress to investigate the elections industry.” We agree with Voter Action and call on Congress to defeat S.3212 and any other legislation that “funds and encourages the continued use of this faulty voting equipment”....

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