By John Gideon on 11/7/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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This is a typical post-election day DVN. Lot’s of reports of failures and problems. Part of the problem with today’s technical elections is that they are “high tech” and probably too “high.” Voters don’t understand it all and election workers don’t understand even when they are supposed to have been trained. Most Election officials clearly don’t understand what is happening so they blindly take the word of the vendors. The single county with the most problems last year seems to have repeated its poor record. Marion Co (Indianapolis) Indiana has a real problem with elections administration and the machines. Atlantic Co New Jersey had machine problems and they are still not sure what happened though Sequoia did what they do well and immediately pointed the finger at the county as being the problem. Cuyahoga Co Ohio had far fewer problems than in the past but there is still an unexplained problem with their voting system. And Denver Colorado had to call in the Police Dept and SWAT members to help count a late deluge of mail-in ballots.

Also of extreme importance today is the DoJ decision to step in and attempt to usurp New York State’s right to select a voting system that meets their standards.

And late today the city of San Francisco announced that they are filing a breach of contract lawsuit against ES&S.

Tomorrow’s DVN will be sent earlier in the day due to your correspondent flying out to DC to attend a conference. DVN will go on hiatus for the weekend to be started up again on Tuesday.

But for today, all of the above stories, and the rest of today's notable voting news, are linked below...

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