By John Gideon on 9/19/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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Early voting is taking place in Shelby Co, Tennessee but the Memphis mayor wants the voting to stop and he seems to have convinced the city attorney that he is correct. The issue is that the county’s Diebold TSx voting machines seem to be flipping votes and numerous calls from voters to the mayor (a candidate) have convinced him that there is a problem. The city attorney actually went to one of the early voting sites and verified that touching just inside the lines separating the candidates would cast a vote to the name just above or below the voter's selection of choice. Amazingly the Shelby County Election Board chair had this to say, “…..we're comfortable with the fact that we tested those machines and there is nothing wrong with the way the machines are recording the votes. Apparently it's an issue of public education. If people press in the wrong area they're going to get the wrong result.” She also said that voters have a chance to correct their vote on the screen before they submit it. That’s the screen with the small writing that you didn’t do any voter education about? Is it any wonder that today’s “Enemy of Democracy” award goes to Myra Stiles for blaming the voter instead of the machines for the machines failures.

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