By John Gideon on 9/18/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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First some business. I thought it was readily apparent that comments that I write and post in this lead ‘graf’ are comments and opinions on what has happened during the day or what may be happening in the future. What I write here is not news. Apparently a handful of readers failed to recognize that fact.

Now on to my comments. What is going on in New Jersey? The legislature passed a law in 2005 that any voting system used in the state would have to provide a voter verified paper audit trail. The state elections people were given until January 2008 to make that happen. There were no printers developed for the state’s full-face DREs so they had to be built and tested. The state chose to take that avenue rather than go with a state-wide change to optical scan and the state waited until the last minute and now is asking for extensions from the legislature and the court. This is a parallel to HR-811 which will require an as yet undeveloped printer for DREs and probably four years to develop that printer. This is Holt’s home state. They didn’t change systems. Why should anyone believe that his legislation, that does not ban DREs, would cause any state to change systems to get rid of their DREs?

Those stories and more voting news from today, all linked below...

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