By John Gideon on 9/17/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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HR-811/Microsoft-811 may be going to the floor for a vote sometime this week. Maybe not. Does it all really matter though? The bill will almost definitely get a majority of the votes, though it may be closer than some have thought. Then what? Then comes the Senate. The 811-clone, Sen Nelson’s bill, is still just sitting in a holding pattern and S-1487, Senator Feinstein’s destructive bill, is waiting on hearings before it is finalized, if it gets that far. Then what? It seems with the Senate, bills don’t get voted out of committee without having at least 60 votes. That’s to ensure they are filibuster-proof. A source in the Senate Admin Committee (Feinstein’s committee) has said that the minority has already said that no election-related legislation will go to the floor this session. Can deals be made? Sure. Anything can happen. I’m just not holding my breath. Today was supposed to be the court hearing in New Jersey to decide what actions would need to be taken regarding vvpat printers. As of press time there have been no reports from New Jersey....

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