By John Gideon on 9/14/2007, 7:50pm PT  

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Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, is going to battle against ES&S over maintenance contracts and annual fees. The county has a plan that will save them $200,000 and they want annual contracts. ES&S wants a three-year contract and they claim that they are not bound by any promises made by their sales staff because they think that’s a “little unfair.” ES&S has also told the county that they are going to raise their cost for machine coding and ballot preparation by up to six percent. ES&S has given the voters and tax payers of Luzerne Co. a gift that keeps on taking; sucking tax payers’ money away from the county. ES&S: today’s “Enemy of Democracy.”

Clearly Ohio state’s Republican lawmakers are going to do all they can to put up roadblocks to stop SoS Brunner from doing any inspection of the state’s voting machines. Payback for Brunner firing the state Republican Chair and County Board of Elections boss, Bennett?

Those stories, and today's other notable voting news, all linked below...

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  • NJ: N.J. to miss voting deadline LINK
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  • OH: Summit County - Absentee ballots arrive late in Summit
    Votes won't be counted; Postal Service probing late delivery of 200-plus LINK
  • PA: Luzerne County - Voting machine warranty debated
    Election bureau chief proposes change to firm that would cut over $200,000. LINK
  • PA: Luzerne County - Voting privacy still an issue LINK
  • PA: Luzerne County - Election board focuses on touchscreen machines LINK
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