Latest Edit Performed by Someone at Hearne's Lawfirm, Lathrop & Gage, According to Rick Hasen of Election Law Blog...
By Brad Friedman on 6/12/2007, 4:57pm PT  

Mark F. "Thor" Hearne must really want to hide something about his discredited past as the front man for the GOP front group calling themselves the American Center for Voting Rights (ACVR).

In the latest chapter of a string of attempts by Hearne to cleanse his public record as lead snake-oil salesman for the mysteriously-funded "non-partisan" group that he founded to push propaganda about a massive (if non-existent) Democratic 'voter fraud' epidemic, it seems his Wikipedia page has been expurgated of all references to the ACVR.

Loyola election law professor Rick Hasen reports at his Election Law Blog today...

Someone Named Sam92077 Has Cleansed Thor Hearne's Wikipedia Entry to Remove References to the American Center for Voting RightsSee here. The current cleansed page is here. Sam92077 does not appear to exist either. UPDATE: While I still don't know who Sam92077 is, the latest edit to the page (from ip address was done by someone at Hearne's law firm.

As BRAD BLOG readers know, Hearne was formerly the national general counsel for Bush/Cheney '04 Inc. and continues to be both a friend of Karl Rove and a big time GOP operative in Missouri via his big time GOP law firm of Lathrop & Gage.

Since the spotlight has shone on the "voter fraud" fraud at the heart of the DoJ Attorney Purge, Hearne has been running for cover. The ACVR site was shut down, references to them have been purged from Thor's resume as various exposés have been run on his scam, by Murray Waas at National Journal, Hasen at Slate, and even on the once-ACVR and Thor-friendly NPR.

Of course, several of the scrubbed references and links on Thor's page were to our site, as we originally outed Hearne and his ACVR scam just days after he and fellow "non-partisan" "voting rights" activist Jim Dyke, Communications Director for the RNC, first started peddling their deceptive information. We first noticed them back in March of 2005 when Hearne testified before a Congressional hearing on the 2004 Election, claiming to be little more than a "long time voting rights advocate." Despite promises to the contrary, neither he nor Dyke have ever explained who was really behind the group, and who funded them to the tune of $1 million back when they set up shop out of a PO Box in a strip mall in Dallas, TX, where neither of them lived. The bogus information they peddled from coast to coast was --- and still is --- used by the folks throughout the DoJ and the Bush administration in hopes of affecting elections and seeing disenfranchising Photo ID restrictions legislated for polling places.

Hearne's powerful MO lawfirm, Lathrop & Gage, has also come into the spotlight of late in relation to a state fee office scandal said to have been under investigation by Arkansas US Attorney Bud Cummins at the time he was fired by the DoJ.

Recently, in one of the rare interviews he is now willing to grant to the media, Hearne blamed The BRAD BLOG specifically for many of his current woes.

You're welcome, Thor. Ready to come clean? Or will it take a subpoena for that? (We're guessing it'll take that subpoena.) Either way, unlike you, we've got nothing to hide, and we're not going anywhere...

UPDATE 6/13/07: Wiki info on ACVR restored, but Lathrop & Gage un-restores it. Twice. Plus, ACVR lied on their 990 public disclosure forms. Details on both matters now here...

For more information on the "non-partisan" tax-exempt ACVR "Voter Fraud" scam and the snakeoil salesmen who invented it, Bush/Cheney '04 National General Counsel Mark F. "Thor" Hearne and RNC Communications Director Jim Dyke, please see BRAD BLOG's full Special Coverage of the "American Center for Voting Rights" at