By Brad Friedman on 7/18/2022, 6:05am PT  

As mentioned on the show a couple of times in recent weeks, a number of monthly subscribers to The BRAD BLOG have had to cancel their automated subscriptions of late, given the difficult economic circumstances many of us, understandably find ourselves in right now.

It's not a lot of folks who have had to pull back their support, but it's noticeably higher than the usual number of folks who come and go in the normal, expected churn...

We are always just treading water around here. If we can break even each month or each year, it's considered a "victory", given that we've done over the past nearly 20 years(!) has not been about making a profit, but about informing the electorate in a way that the corporate mainstream media has simply failed to over the past two decades (at least). That failure --- as we have tried, over and again, to warn along the way --- is precisely what has led us to the difficult circumstances the nation, and world, now find ourselves in. (I almost described those circumstances as "unimaginable" just now, but they are all quite imaginable, in as much as we have both "imagined" and tried to warn about them for many many years now.)

As noted, breaking even is our goal. If we can some day figure out how to turn a profit, that would be swell. But that's never been what this project has been about.

All of this is merely to note that over the years readers and listeners have occasionally been generous with their support on anniversaries of The BRAD BLOG (and the Green News Report), and other milestones, such as my own personal birthday.

Well, guess what? This week is my birthday again! And if that might help to spur or encourage a few of our readers and/or listeners to finally sign up for automated monthly pledges of support, to replace a few that we've lost in recent weeks, I would be very grateful. Of course, even just hitting the tip-jar with a one time donation is always appreciated and very much needed. If you've been meaning to do either for some time, now is a great moment to do so! It should only take about 2 minutes of your time, but will mean a lot to us here.

I know that times are tough right now for many. So, if you can't afford to help out, I certainly understand. Please do not feel bad about that. But I am hoping that some of you who can help out may be able to make up for those who can't, so that The BRAD BLOG (and The BradCast and the Green News Report) can continue to remain open and free for everyone to read, listen, share and everything else that comes with the public reporting, trouble-making, muck raking and informing that we hope to do every day here without a paywall so that it is available to all for as long as we can afford to do so.

Thank you in advance! And...well...happy birthday to me? --- Brad

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