Fox 'News' Invites Us Onto 'Fox & Friends' to Talk About It...
By Brad Friedman on 4/24/2007, 11:48am PT  

"When it Rains, it Pours" Week continues here at The BRAD BLOG...

Widely syndicated columnist Liz Smith, in the New York Post today and elsewhere (her column runs in at least 70 papers), picks up on Joe Conason's NY Observer piece from last week which pointed to our coverage of the Ann Coulter Voter Fraud issue.

In the bargain, a Fox & Friends producer has called me today to see if I might be available to appear on their show to discuss it tomorrow or the following morning (which would be about 3am or 5am my time, so if I do it, watch for the sleepless bags under my eyes...anything for Election Integrity). The producer explained that Coulter might appear after me via phone. I suggested she appear either before, or preferably at the same time, so she's not allowed to, um, say things that aren't true, as occurred last time she was asked about all of this on FNC.

As FNC tends to be, um, Ann Coulter friendly, we'll have to see if she has veto power enough to ensure I never actually get to appear to discuss it. But we'll see.

Anyway, here's Liz today:

COULD THE sexy but controversial conservative gadfly Ann Coulter go to jail? According to Observer columnist Joe Conason - Ann is guilty of voter fraud. He says when the far-right Coulter registered to vote in Palm Beach back in 2005, she wrote her address as her Realtor's office. She then signed the form despite its warning that falsifying any information on it makes one liable to felony prosecution.

Palm Beach County election officials say she also voted in the wrong precinct the following year, disregarding a poll worker who explained her error. (You can see this registration form online at Conason says those acts are crimes punishable by prison terms of up to five years and that Coulter is an attorney who knew what she was doing. Ann, with typical restraint, has called Palm Beach officials "syphilitic and mentally defective" but has stonewalled the ongoing investigation into the matter.

No charges have yet been filed.

Of course, you can read more about it, including perusing documents such as her fraudulent voter registration form and the report from the poll worker demonstrating she knowingly voted at the wrong precinct last year, via our "Ann Coulter Voter Fraud" Special Coverage page.

Good luck, Ann. Though it's taken over a year for the rest of the national media to catch on, you may finally be busted. At least in the media.

UPDATE: 3:19pm PT Heard back from Fox, who reports they "just spoke to Ann and she is unavailable tomorrow AM," so they probably won't be covering it tomorrow. Have a feeling Ann will be unavailable every AM to talk about this one. Hope they'll cover the story anyway, as I'm happy to stay up all night to help them.

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