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By Brad Friedman on 2/19/2007, 6:35am PT  

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Finally back at the anchor desk of The BRAD BLOG World News Headquarters after three (unexpected) weeks taking my dog and pony show on the road. Upon my return: a total of two cash dollars in the Snail Mail PO Box --- for which I am eternally grateful.

But even during the time I was away, we managed to bring you first-hand exclusive eyewitness reporting from the courtroom of the Scooter Libby/CIA Leak Trial in DC by Margie Burns, an important continuing investigative series you'll find nowhere else on the disastrously compromised EAC by Michael Richardson, the latest daily developments in our crumbling Electoral System saga as brought to you by John Gideon, insightful Video Snippets on a number of broader topics by Alan Breslauer, Guest Blogs from important newsmakers, and yes, I did my best to keep up, managing to edit, file my own exclusives, and work behind the scenes on all of the above even while making public appearances around Arizona and California, Guest Hosting radio broadcasts and working the phones endlessly to both dig and try to move mountains while barreling down the highways and byways at 80 mph.

We'll continue the work here, come hell or high water, but as the water continues to get higher, and the hell more hellier, I am again forced to ask for your help...

PLEASE NOTE: I am not compensated for my travel or hotel rooms or public appearances or radio Guest Host duties. I don't have a book to sell, nor the time I'd like to find to try and write one or two. Rather I do all of these things because the word needs to get out. Nobody supports The BRAD BLOG but you --- when you do --- along with a few ad sales which bring in a few hundred dollars or so on a good month.

With much to do around here, continuously expanding duties required of me, long overdue web work/programming which doesn't come cheap, and no paid staff, the site is largely funded by whatever freelance writing work I have the time and chutzpah to scrape up.

If a mere 1% of those who read this site daily contributed $5 or $10 or $50 or more monthly (see the blue form in the right sidebar to subscribe monthly for any amount you are able!), we'd be able to breathe easier and, more importantly, continue to grow and improve so much of what we do around here.

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I'm quite certain that most of you currently pay $50 or more a month to a corporate multimedia conglomerate already making huge profits, for cable news services which fail all of us every single day. If you're able to share any portion of that with The BRAD BLOG, I promise we will continue to bring you the important investigative coverage, unflinching advocacy journalism with a sense of humor, and satire too often missing everywhere else --- even in the bulk of the Progressive Blogosphere!

I promise to keep things going here no matter how much it costs and no matter how little we take in via ads and donations. I believe the work here is simply too important right now to stop.

But please remember, your support means the world and every dollar contributed goes towards improving what we do, allowing us to try and grow and yes, even helping to assure we may be able to help cover rent and food each month in the bargain.

I could take different routes on this blog in what and how we cover things in order to improve traffic, readership, and ad revenue. It's not a difficult trick. But I'd prefer to keep doing what only The BRAD BLOG does and can do, in the way that we do it, since I believe we offer something almost nobody else does.

I know you hate these public pleas at least as much as I hate making them, so I try to keep them as limited as possible. In the bargain, to help me do so, please consider a donation to The BRAD BLOG today or even better, a monthly subscription available easily via the blue form at right.

Either option will likely take you less than two minutes, even as it continues to mean more than you can know. To all of us. Thanks for whatever you can do.

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Thanks again!