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"Voice of the Voters" 1360AM OR on the Internet at Link or click from our website; Wed. evenings at 8PM EST. Avi Rubin will be tomorrow evening's guest. / ""They erroneously assumed these machines are like computers," Bear said of the computer scientists and hackers who claim they've cracked voting-machine codes. "They are only plugged into the wall for power; they are not computers [and] they're not plugged into the Internet. A lot of these 'security experts' that have passed judgment don't have an appreciation for the environment we're operating in. They're saying these are how these things would operate in a computer/Internet world, but we're not in a computer/Internet voting scenario." According to Bear, before elections the machines are kept behind a locked door with a secure piece of tape covering the slot where the memory card is inserted." / And while David Bear is perfecting his stand-up act UConn has done a full study with a Diebold Optical-scan machine and the results are just as scathing as the Princeton study of the TS DRE."...

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    Pentagon Warned on Security Issues for Overseas Ballots LINK
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  • AL: Officials change locks to secure voting machines LINK
  • CA: Ventura County - Voters facing new problems in mix-up LINK
  • CO: Boulder County - County GOP sues elections officials LINK
  • CO: Denver - Denver Audit Criticizes Denver Election Commission LINK
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    Our Opinion: Cooperation Required To Reduce Election Mistakes LINK
  • GA: 866-OUR-VOTE Program Gets Ready LINK
  • HI: Repeat of election problems possible
    The state says it has resolved glitches from the primary LINK
  • IL: Tazewell County - New e-mail gives hints about hacking voting systems LINK
  • KY: Clark County - Ballot delivery questioned in Clark LINK
  • MD: Doubts persist on voting machines LINK
  • MD: Settlement Reached to Protect Maryland Voter Applicants from Record Matching Errors LINK
  • MD: Voting system will be put to test LINK
  • MD: Record Number Seek Absentee Ballots
    Delivery Delays Feared; Primary's Machine Problems Still on Voters' Minds LINK
  • MD: Voters Report Absentee Ballot Shortages, Errors LINK
  • MD: As Cox casts her absentee ballot, problems persist LINK
  • MD: Lawyers rev up for post-election court battles LINK
  • MD: New Technology, Human Error Puts Elections Under Microscope LINK
  • MD: Montgomery County - Montgomery elections board has already taken steps to remedy problems that plagued Sept. 12 primary, an auditor’s report says LINK
  • MD: Somerset County - County may wait on absentees LINK
  • MN: Minnesota officials aren't fretting about new voting technology LINK
  • MN: Vote yes for instant runoff LINK
  • MO: Concerns on ballot systems intensify LINK
  • NE: Neb. Precinct Will Vote Through the Mail LINK
  • NJ: Organizations to help with voter problems on Election Day LINK
  • NM: Changes unlikely in election count LINK
  • NY: A Call For Votes That Count LINK
  • NY: More state delay possible on new voting machines LINK
  • NY: Otsego County - Forum set on voting devices LINK
  • OH: Military ID may pose hurdle at voting booth
    Ohio law now requires an ID with address for voters, but military IDs do not contain addresses. LINK
  • OH: The unknown voter
    Dueling judges, patchwork of ID requirements around Ohio leave everyone in the dark as time for clarification runs out LINK
  • OH: Cuyahoga County - Ohio Election Portends Trouble LINK
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  • OK: Voter distrust a factor LINK
  • TN: Early voting totals up 45 percent versus 2002 LINK
  • TN: New machine makes voting easier LINK
  • TX: Bexar County - S.A. incident spotlights electronic voting debate LINK
  • TX: Denton County - Snafu briefly halts electronic voting in Denton County LINK
  • TX: Jefferson County - MESS WITH TEXAS CON'T: Votes Hopping from Democrat to Republican Now Reported in Jefferson County, TX! LINK
  • TX: Tarrant County - Electronic voting concerns persist LINK
  • TX: Tarrant County - Democrats sue over lack of paper trail for ballots LINK
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  • WA: Snail mail at polls: Not the best policy LINK
  • WV: Editorial - Don’t Believe Critics Of Voting Machines LINK
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