The BRAD BLOG Urges Caution from Democrats, Progressives and Responsible Media Outlets...
By Brad Friedman on 10/9/2006, 9:59am PT  

You'll note there is no siren included with this item.

The BRAD BLOG urges a measured response to the testing of a nuclear media strategy by a madman desperate for attention and respect on the world stage.

That strategy, by George W. Bush, has now been launched after the apparent testing of an atomic weapon by a country that we've long known has had them and who long ago informed the world that they intended to test them.

Bush, as you know, has done little to nothing about this known threat to world stability and security for the last six years, while otherwise devoting precious American blood and treasure to non-existent threats elsewhere.

We expect a slow but persistent ramping up of this "crisis" over the next 29 days news cycles remaining between now and November 7th. The growing "urgency" will emanate from the White House, from within their bully pulpit at the United Nations and, most disturbingly of all, will be amplified by the Administration water-carriers inside and across the national corporate media.

Democrats, Progressives and bloggers hoping to mitigate the clear and present threat of the Bush Administration and their reckless assault on world stability are urged to exercise caution in their public response to what had previously been a less-than-top priority for the Administration.

Debate about even that topic serves only to give credence, legitimacy and media coverage to the agenda of a failed and dangerous regime. Mostly, such discussion will do little more than feed an Administration desperate for any distraction they can muster to draw attention away from what might otherwise be a national day of reckoning this November 7th.

This concludes our BRAD BLOG ALERT and hopefully our coverage of this matter until at least November 8th, 2006.