By John Gideon on 8/30/2006, 5:12pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

Foreign-born, US citizens have filed a suit in Ohio against a law that could require that they provide citizenship papers at the polls when they go to vote. This seems to be a violation of their right to equal protection. Included in the group bringing suit is the wife of an ex-Governor. / In Missouri a state auditor candidate has requested a state-wide hand recount of his race. The state and county clerks want to do a machine recount only. / Ex-GOP Congressman Bob Barr speaks out against voting machines ...

  • AZ: Voters now will be required to show specific kinds of ID LINK
  • CA: Alameda County - Counties recruit poll workers. New voting system prompts county to begin search for Election Day staff earlier LINK
  • CA: Humboldt County - Secretary of state rejects Vote-PAD due to reliability, accuracy LINK
  • CA: San Diego County - So much for checks and balances, welcome to absolute power LINK
  • CA: San Diego County - Pre-Certification Swearing in by Hastert Terminates All State Legal Authority Over Elections LINK
  • CT: Election officials preview voting machines LINK
  • FL: Leon County - Early voting: What took it so long? LINK
  • FL: Sarasota County - The county attorney believes portions of the petition conflict with state election laws. LINK
  • FL: Sarasota County - The early bird gets the vote. Lower turnout expected, but voters taking advantage of early voting LINK
  • GA: Opinion – Bob Barr - No-confidence vote earned by machines LINK
  • MD: Attempt to Attract Uninterested Voters Struck Down LINK
  • MO: Lake clerks confident of recount capability. Republican auditor’s primary will be state’s first test of electronic voting machines LINK
  • NY: To Avoid Glitches, Council Pushes For Vote Machine Tests LINK
  • NY: Technical Difficulty. Selecting voting machines must be clear, fair process LINK
  • NY: Dutchess County - Ruling puts elections inspectors in place for Sept. 12 primary LINK
  • OH: NYT: Ohio officials prepare to destroy paper ballots from 2004 presidential election LINK
  • OH: Foreign-born file election suit LINK
  • OH: Cuyahoga County - Elections Board To Spend $700,000 To Train Poll Workers LINK
  • PA: New voting machines could affect results. Modern models more likely to confuse voters, study shows. LINK
  • WA: Snohomish County - No more trudge to the polls LINK
  • WA: Snohomish County - Get ready to vote by mail LINK
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