By John Gideon on 4/29/2006, 5:26pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

Indiana has announced that they are filing a legal complaint against ES&S for problems that have caused havoc and caused counties to be in breach of state and federal laws. West Virginia counties are faced with problems with their ballot programming software which will delay the results in the primary later in May. Two counties in North Carolina will be using hand-counted paper ballots on Tuesday but are they really doing this with an ulterior motive? ...

  • AR: Train Wreck - Officials rushing to get voting machines ready for primary LINK
  • AR: Pulaski County - Train Wreck - Voting-counting gear due to arrive in time for testing LINK
  • IN: Train Wreck - State files voting systems complaint. But secretary of state says voters need not fret. LINK
  • IN: Train Wreck - Complaint filed against voting company; another wins reprieve LINK
  • WV: Train Wreck - Election test delayed. Voting machine programming slows counties' plans LINK
  • WV: Cabell County � Train Wreck - County has paper ballot backup option LINK
  • NAtional: Why Did the EAC Replace the Final Voting System Guidelines (VVSG) With Another Document? LINK
  • NAtional: Opinion - Firm committed to reliable voting system (Sequoia) LINK
  • CO: Logan County - New voting equipment will help disabled, make county compliant LINK
  • GA: Georgia's 4-year-old voting devices looking old LINK
  • IN: Vermillion County - Some Vermillion voters will use new equipment LINK
  • NC: Buncombe County - Paper ballots return (HCPB) LINK
  • NY: State Board of Elections Announce Voting Systems Standards LINK
  • OH: Election officials: We're ready for Tuesday LINK
  • PA: Allegheny County - County touch-screen voting machines OK'd LINK
  • TX: Travis County - Voters won't have to go to more than one place this time LINK
  • WI: Appleton - Appleton says no to paperless balloting LINK
  • WV: Op-Ed - Why is Ireland making excuses? LINK
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