By John Gideon on 2/7/2006, 5:04pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

As reported by The BRAD BLOG and then, just a few minutes later, the Associated Press, the CEO of Diebold is making overtures about possibly pulling the plug on their e-voting unit. States and counties need to be aware of this possibility before they make any decisions. has published their report on the state of elections around the nation. California counties are talking about ignoring the state vvpat law for the June primary. Another 'red state', Missouri, has joined the list of states that are working on regressive voter ID bills....

  • NAtional: Diebold chief says fate of e-voting unit under review LINK
  • NAtional: Diebold Capitulates in Alaska...Sorta LINK
  • NAtional: Report details status of election reform efforts nationwide LINK
  • NAtional: Many states not up to election standards LINK
  • NAtional: States slow to improve voting systems -report LINK
  • NAtional: Many states failing to comply with election reforms, group says LINK
  • CA: Bowen Introduces Measure To Improve Election Audit Process and the Accuracy of Election Results LINK
  • CA: Seal Beach - Mailing it in: City to hold a vote-by-envelope election LINK
  • CA: Shasta County ľ County May Ignore VVPAT Law in June Primary LINK
  • FL: Palm Beach County - Elections head reports 'productive' first year LINK
  • IN: Vanderburgh County - 18, not 46, vote machines idle. Probe clears up differences in reports LINK
  • MO: Republicans in Mo. Senate push to require photo IDs of voters LINK
  • MS: Adams County - Voting machines on order LINK
  • NC: Catawba County - County approves purchase of new voting machines LINK
  • NC: Wake County - Board touchy about screens LINK
  • NM: Paper Trail Leads Toward Voter Confidence LINK
  • NY: New York City - Lawsuit Demands More Aid for Asian-American Voters LINK
  • NY: New York City - Board of Elections Discriminates Against Minority Voters, Group Charges LINK
  • NY: New York City - Lawsuit Demands More Aid for Asian-American Voters LINK
  • PA: House votes to ban paroled felons from voting, require voter ID LINK
  • PA: Allegheny County - An Allegheny County judge rejected a request Monday from a group of voters seeking to bar the county from buying new voting machines. LINK
  • PA: Somerset County - County to vote on voting machines LINK
  • PA: Westmoreland County - Commonwealth Court hearing arguments in Westmoreland voters suit LINK
  • TN: Blount County - Finance committee OKs new voting machines LINK
  • VA: Virginia House Committee Passes Robust Paper Trail Bill After Senate Committee Defeats It LINK
  • WA: Cowlitz County - County unveils ballot machines to aid the disabled (AutoMARK) LINK
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