By John Gideon on 1/25/2006, 5:28pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

A majority of the news is still coming from three states. Vote-by-mail is being discussed in CA and counties are making announcements of their decisions for voting machines in NC and PA. In the meantime, GA's Senate passed the VoterID bill with a few differences from what they got from the House so the bill goes back. It's still regressive....

  • AZ: Opinion - Bemoaning vote-at-home LINK
  • AZ: Pressure Tactics LINK
  • CA: New voting technique makes it 'simpler' for some LINK
  • CA: Marin County - County's election system criticized LINK
  • CA: San Mateo County - San Mateo seeks mail-only election in June LINK
  • CA: San Mateo County - Supes approve all-mail voting LINK
  • CA: Yolo County - Vote-PAD: The Simple Voting Device that May Save American Democracy! LINK
  • CT: Middletown - Middletown holds court-ordered special election LINK
  • GA: Senate passes voter ID bill LINK
  • GA: Viewpoint: Voter ID Law LINK
  • NC: Opening democracy's door LINK
  • NC: Touchscreen Voting Increases Election Costs in North Carolina LINK
  • NC: Nearly all N.C. counties buying voting machines of only vendor LINK
  • NC: Brunswick County - Brunswick gets new vote system LINK
  • NC: Orange County - Orange goes for new optical scan vote machines LINK
  • NC: Polk County - Duke grad student estimates 99k saving for Polk with optical scan LINK
  • NC: Polk County - County at impasse on voting machine choice LINK
  • NY: GOP Opposes Optical Scanning For Voting LINK
  • NY: Dutchess County - Miller supports optical scanner voting machines, plans public forums LINK
  • PA: Don't lose sight of important goals in federal election reform act LINK
  • PA: Centre County ľ Group (LWV) backs buying new voting devices (Optical-scan) LINK
  • PA: Cumberland County - Long-time vendor to supply new voting machines (ES&S iVotronics) LINK
  • PA: Fayette County - Official wants to look at other voting machines LINK
  • PA: Luzerne County - County gets vote machine ultimatum LINK
  • PA: Perry County - Firm wins voting-machine contract (ES&S iVotronics) LINK
  • PA: Perry County - County to switch to electronic voting system LINK
  • PA: Union County - Union County is back to square one in voting machine adventure LINK
  • PA: Westmoreland County - Filing: Dismiss voting machine suit LINK
  • TX: Fort Bend County - County Republicans, Democrats spar over primary election mechanism LINK
  • WV: Berkeley County - New voting machines to be on display at W.Va. courthouses (iVotronics) LINK
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