By John Gideon on 12/27/2005, 5:11pm PT  

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There is very little in the news today. I know there is a lot happening because I have been busy all day today; it's just not getting into the news yet....

  • NAtional: George F. Will - Give Ballots to Felons? LINK
  • NAtional: E-voting Challenges Arise as Compliance Deadline Nears LINK
  • NAtional: The Worst and Best in Election Reform, 2005 (Because There Was More Bad than Good) LINK
  • AZ: Maricopa County - Clouseau redux. Sen. Jack Harper's 'investigation' lacks only a pink panther LINK
  • FL: Editorial - Proof positive: Hacker concerns only prove the importance of a paper trail for voting systems. LINK
  • GA: Black lawmakers vow to repeal state's voter ID law LINK
  • NC: Northampton County - Voting machine search down to single firm LINK
  • NJ: Election reforms ring in with new year LINK
  • PA: Bucks County - Ex-Bucks officials stump for machines and request a vvpat on every one. LINK
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