By John Gideon on 12/14/2005, 5:23pm PT  

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The MSM today has been active with news about the resignation of Wally O'Dell and how analysts think that is great for Diebold. There is still very little there about the securities fraud suit or the Leon County test results. I guess we wait to see if they are going to report these stories. In the meantime, counties in North Carolina are lining up to buy Diebold, ignoring what news there is and the fact that they were probably illegally certified to be used in the state. This brings us to the lawsuit itself and the judge has delayed proceedings for a week while he becomes familiar with the case. That helps no one, least of all the counties who need to make decisions....

  • NAtional: Diebold Class Action Securities Fraud Litigation (The actual suit is on line here) LINK
  • NAtional: Stull, Stull & Brody Announces Class Action Against Diebold Inc. (They start piling on now) LINK
  • NAtional: Analysts happy with Diebold moves (Typical MSM ignores lawsuits and failed tests in their reporting) LINK
  • AZ: Maricopa County - Lawmaker appeals ouster order in campaign finance case LINK
  • FL: Leon County - BBV: Leon County, FL to Dump Diebold After Undetectable Hack Reverses Test Election! LINK
  • KY: 'No excuses' Ky. vote for 2006 LINK
  • LA: Judge sets Dec. 23 hearing on N.O. election decision LINK
  • MS: Scott County - Upgrade Needed To Comply With Federal Voting Law LINK
  • MS: Tate County - Voting machines expected soon LINK
  • MS: Second suit filed over New Orleans election delay LINK
  • NC: Action delayed a week in N.C. voting machine complaint LINK
  • NC: Can State Ignore Its E-Vote Law? LINK
  • NC: Warren County looking at Diebold for voting machines LINK
  • NC: Onslow County - Shopping season LINK
  • NC: Wilson County - Voting machines get once-over LINK
  • NC: Brunswick County - Election law has some scrambling LINK
  • NJ: Middlesex County - GOP candidate challenges Milltown loss LINK
  • NJ: Middlesex County - Stephens amends vote complaint LINK
  • NY: Monroe County - Voting machines are topic at state hearing LINK
  • OH: Senate OKs new voter-ID bill LINK
  • OH: Washington County - Testing of voting machines goes smoothly LINK
  • PA: Cumberland County - Keating concedes election (Problem caused by ballot programming error on ES&S machines) LINK
  • TN: Anderson County - AC wish list: New voting machines LINK
  • TX: Gregg County - Electronic voting machine available to try out LINK
  • WA: King County - King County should focus on mail voting, panel says LINK
  • INternational: Philippines - Senate to Comelec execs: Resign now (Just so you don't think that voting technology corruption is something unique to the US) LINK
  • INternational: Dominican Republic - Digital voting would jeopardize the illiterate and the blind LINK
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