By John Gideon on 11/21/2005, 5:07pm PT  

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The amount of news has finally dwindled down to a normal amount for a Monday. Of interest today are two opposing editorials in the Atlanta Journal Constitution regarding the Voter ID issue. Also of interest are the articles from Lucas County, OH where they have finally decided that they had better do an investigation to figure out what went wrong and why it happened....

  • AR: Voting machine choice stirs Ark. secretary of state race (ES&S v. Diebold)\">LINK
  • GA: Editorial - White people! Don't just cast a vote; sell it\">LINK
  • GA: Editorial - Hatchet job by Dems with an ax to grind (Opposing editorial to the one above)\">LINK
  • IL: McDonough County - Board scrutinizes potential new voting machines http://www.eaglepublicat...38;ID=1132614940_15417\">LINK
  • IN: Vigo County - Public demonstration of voting machines Tuesday\">LINK
  • NJ: Middlesex County - Choi declared victor; Stephens wants recount\">LINK
  • NY: Vernon - Inspectors find levers don't lie http://www.oneidadispatc...pt_id=68844&rfi=6\">LINK
  • OH: Lucas County - Election Board Internal Investigation\">LINK
  • OH: Lucas County - Election Day 'Meltdown' Reported in Lucas County, OH\">LINK
  • OH: Lake County Editorial - Blackwell's silence hurts Lake County\">LINK
  • OH: 'Mystery Pollster' Blumenthal Analyzes Columbus Dispatch Polling of Ohio '05 Election\">LINK
  • SD: Absentee Voting Changes Requested\">LINK
  • VA: Local Recount Costs Should Be Minimal (And because many counties use DREs the recount is meaningless) http://www.winchestersta...121/Area_elections.asp\">LINK
  • WI: Counties await voting machines\">LINK
  • International: Nigeria E-Voting: A risk for 2007 election\">LINK
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