By John Gideon on 11/19/2005, 5:00pm PT  

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It must be made clear that the lawsuit in North Carolina is NOT a suit against Diebold. Joyce McCloy only intervened in Diebold's legal action with the state. The News-Observer (see below) got it incorrect in their headline. And, it looks like the folks in Pasquotank Co., NC have decided to ignore that fact that their voting machines (ES&S Votronic DREs) accounted for 42 fewer ballots cast than voters who voted. This is an unprecedented, in that county, number of blank votes. That is 42 people who took the time to go to the polls, stood in line, signed-in, went to the machines, decided not to vote, signed-off of the machines and left after getting their I Voted sticker; and this was the only race on the ballot....

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