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By Winter Patriot on 8/30/2005, 9:24am PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

The BRAD SHOW returns, LIVE and RAW and coming to you direct from Crawford, Texas. As usual, the show is scheduled to start at High Noon Central time, 1pm Eastern, 11am Mountain, 10am Pacific. That's 6pm in London, and 7pm in Paris and Prague [we think!] ... So please join us this morning, afternoon or evening, as the case may be.

THIS IS SCHEDULED TO BE THE FINAL DAY of BRADcasting from Crawford, Texas. As Brad has written:

Barring any schedule changes down here (and things do change quickly in Crawford) today will be our final day of our special daily live coverage of events on the ground in Crawford Texas.

We'll be wrapping things up, putting things into perspective, reporting on the extraordinary coming together between the pro-Sheehan and pro-Bush camps in a late-night candle light vigil last night at Camp Casey I, speaking with several Bush supporters and hopefully chatting with Cindy Sheehan before the stakes of Camp Casey in Crawford get pulled up and the "Peace Train" hits the road on its way to Washington D.C.

It's been our honor and privilege to bring you these exclusive broadcasts from here. Today will be our 9th day in a row, and unless there is a schedule change, our final hour will be our 50th. Unfortunately, we are still the only broadcast "organization" to feature such live daily coverage of these historic events.

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