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Say What?? You're In The Big Time Now, Brad!
By Winter Patriot on 8/29/2005, 10:58pm PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

Psst! As the "front man" for The Whispering Campaign, I get all kinds of stuff via e-mail, including a couple of news summaries compiled by people and/or organizations who have nothing to do with Brad or The BRAD BLOG ... they found The Whispering Campaign as soon as we went public and they offered to send us things and we said "sure" and it comes to me ... I read some of this stuff and scan the rest, usually, if I have time, but I never quite know what to do with it. My first impulse it to share it... but the quantity poses a bit of a problem, because I can hardly even find time to read it, let alone blog about it. I mean there's just all this stuff happening every day. Or every week. As the case may be.

I call it "the blizzard". You can only examine so many snowflakes before you freeze to death standing up. [Apologies to any matsodons in the audience; I agree it was a tasteless joke.] So mostly I just scan this stuff and say "thanks" under my breath, and keep going ... you know how it is: Life in the fast lane, Surely make you lose your mind, mm, Are you with me so far?

... and ... I've been thinking it might be good to find some snippet of one of these newsletters and post it, to see what BRAD BLOG readers think of it ... but what to post? and when? and how to "package" it? and so on ... a lot of questions remained unanswered ... until I saw that somebody with no known connection to The BRAD SHOW or The BRAD BLOG ... someone who, to my knowledge, had never even heard of The BRAD SHOW or The BRAD BLOG... had sent me a news compilation that mentions ... very prominently ... are you way ahead of me here??

Look, here's a short excerpt [with a wee bit of emphasis added]:

Great Sheehan Video

Listen Live! Camp Casey in Crawford - all week, Baez & all

Various noteworthy news

There's more, of course.

Here's a [slightly edited] excerpt. This is the very beginning of a long, long compilation. And if you look closely you will see that it contains the passage I quoted above.

Worthy of Your Attention

Detailed photos of the intricate Marden formation's central circle (STUNNING!)

Newest Celestial Glyphs (ALL UTTERLY ASTOUNDING!)

AWESOME pictures taken with the new Spitzer IR telescope in the infrared

Call for Solidarity with the Prisoners at Guantanamo

Internet Animation On Security Cards For The UK

Lots of other funny animations at

Great Sheehan Video

Listen Live! Camp Casey in Crawford - all week, Baez & all

Various noteworthy news

Store Wars: The Organic Rebellion

Worldwide Meditation: Opening the Heart to World Service October 8, 2005 - 10pm GMT - This is the next step in a series of planetary initiations and energetic accelerations that has been taking place since 1997.

University of Manchester's out-of-body experience survey,39579,en.htm Participate here:

Inspiring rainbow clip on the importance of joining hands

United Religions Initiative wants to remind us that September 21 is the International Day of Peace. Details at

I can't forget to quote this part:

You are welcome to anything from this compilation, but please also include the following:Free subscription to such compilations by sending a blank email to

And there's a lot more. At least another 20,000 words and probably 100 more links. As I've been saying here, I haven't read it all, so I can't endorse it ... but I can tell you that most of it is a lot "newsier", so to speak ... the bit I posted here is just the "teaser" ... and as I've been saying elsewhere, sometimes I'll post something to generate a discussion but without being able to confirm every single thing that it says. With these caveats ... Are you still interested? Listen:

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