Admits Poor Are Systematically Disenfranchised, But Calls It "Voter Fraud"
and she blames it on those poor disenfranchised voters!
By Winter Patriot on 8/13/2005, 12:21pm PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

According to Joselyn King of the Wheeling News Register, West Virginia Secretary of State Betty Ireland has said:

we have folks who sell their vote ... oppressed by 'Boss Hoggs' who hold power over jobs ... and in some instances a decent way of life for our residents ... we already violate the Voting Rights Act here ... People in our state lose their right to vote because of their impoverishment --- not because of their race or gender...

... and much more! Ireland talks about her office prosecuting people in connection with buying votes:

In Logan County, four individuals - including the sheriff, the former chief of police and the treasurer of a candidate for state representative - pleaded guilty to vote buying and related offenses in 2002 or 2004 elections.

In addition, five people have been indicted and are awaiting trial on charges of vote buying in Lincoln County in 2004 and earlier elections.

But somehow she manages to spin the story so that the real responsibility for "voter fraud" falls to the poor folks who are afraid they'll lose their jobs if they vote for a candidate who supports their interests. Or at least that's what I seem to read here

In a perverse way, we already violate the Voting Rights Act here. But it is self-motivated. If I allow you to intimidate me, and if I voluntarily sell my vote, I have given up my right to vote and have my voice heard.

I've been quoting out of context again. I really hate it when the warmongers do that. Especially when they hide their original sources. So please read the whole piece and decide for yourself whether I'm cherry-picking here, or whether what I'm hearing is what Ireland is actually saying.

Thanks again to special agent Kat L'Estrange for bringing this article to my attention. She made a comment via e-mail which was at least as cogent as the article itself, so I post it here in full.

I'm sorry, but if elected officials are buying votes, that would be considered "election fraud" in my book! Especially if voters are intimidated and oppressed by these officials for not cooperating. Secretary of State Ireland is a Republican. Are the "impoverished" voters to blame, or the elected officials? I think she's blaming the voters, by George! She clearly doesn't understand why the Voting Rights Act came into existence!

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