From the "Starving the Beast" Files...
By Brad Friedman on 7/28/2005, 2:25pm PT  

The already under-funded and under-manned EPA gets drafted to go to work in Iraq. In fact, according to the the full email sent yesterday to "all EPA Employees", it looks as if all Government agencies are now being encouraged to send their employees to do Iraq's work. Good thing everything is already taken care of here in "the homeland."

Via David Corn...

SUBJECT: Support for the Reconstruction of Iraq
FROM: Luis A. Luna, Assistant Administrator
for Administration and Resources Management
TO: All EPA Employees

The United States is currently supporting the Iraqi people as they build new essential services, their economy, and other government and political institutions. The President has called upon all Federal departments and agencies to support the rebuilding of Iraq through details of Federal employees to the Department of State's Iraq reconstruction Management Office (IRMO).
The Environmental Protection Agency supports the President's request for detailees and looks forward to doing our part to help in the reconstruction of Iraq.