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By Winter Patriot on 7/12/2005, 4:36pm PT  

As discussed last week, our man in the White House, Eric Brewer (actually, BTCNews.com's man, but as he's the only active blogger actually working also as a White House Correspondent, and has been a friend to The BRAD SHOW, we consider him "our man" as well) was holding the Administration's feet to the fire in regard to the huge increase in the number of terrorism incidents in the world since George W. Bush's "War on Terror" was supposedly meant to reduce them.

Of keener interest to Brewer seems to be the fact that the White House seems to be lying to the American People about those numbers.

Thankfully, Brewer is in place to try to keep them honest even while the rest of the White House Press Corps seems unable to do so with regard to anything...other than their newly displayed cajones concerning Karl Rove...which should have been a chip shot for them in the first place anyway.

While Scottie was busy sweating out the Rove questions today, he turned to Brewer for some relief. He didn't get any.

Brewer asked:

The president has said that invading Iraq has made the world safer, but the government's own terrorism statistics show a dramatic increase in the number of international terrorist attacks since the invasion, and the London bombings have demonstrated that the flypaper theory was just a theory. Can you explain the disconnect between the administration's rhetoric on this issue and the reality on the ground?

Click here to read the whole new set of lies McClellan had to resort to in order to dodge the facts included in Brewer's question...

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