We Have Two Winners --- And One LOSER!
By Steve Viele on 7/12/2005, 8:37pm PT  

Guest Blogged by Steve Viele

As avid readers of this space already know, we had to split the Clint Curtis Puppy-Naming Contest into two parts once we realized that we don't know whether Clint's new dog will be male or female. Clint chose one name for each possibility. So we get two winners.

If the dog is female, Clint wants to name her "Spirit". That winning suggestion came from Jen.

If the dog is male, Clint wants to name him "Brad". This winning suggestion came from jIM cIRILE.

Clint also chose a first runner-up, with no gender specified, and that was "Oof". Clint says he made this choice in honor of Winter Patriot's son and because the name got so much support in the rest of the thread.

Perhaps Clint was too polite to point out that the other comments in support of the name "Oof" (here and here) were posted by the same clown who suggested the name in the first place! Clint is too much the gentleman to point out such shoddy tactics, but I'm not.

Thanks again to Tracy for her very kind offer; congratulations to Jen and jIM for their victories.

As you may recall, the prize is ... a Brad Bobblehead Doll for each of you!!

To claim your prize, send e-mail containing your snail-mail address to Steve Viele, svielemd@yahoo.com (or click here).

But in the meantime, ... here's one for Jen ...

... and here's one for jIM ...

... and can we have a big round of applause for the winners??

OK. Good stuff. Thanks again to Tracy. Thanks again to Clint. And a slap across the knuckles to Winter Patriot, who was the only Brad Blogger who voted more than once. Let alone more than twice. Did he think we were too stupid to catch it? Not around here, WP! If there's one thing a Brad Blogger can spot a mile away, it's VOTER FRAUD!!

... or was that ELECTION FRAUD??

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