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By Brad Friedman on 6/12/2005, 8:03pm PT  

If you missed last night's BRAD SHOW, well, what were you thinking?! :-)

Frankly, I could have turned around and done four mour hours with each of our amazing guests last night! If you didn't catch it, or any portion of the show, I'd strongly recommend that you tune into the BRAD SHOW ARCHIVES and listen to 'em all if you find the time! We do believe it was some top-notch radio with some extraordinary guests and a few newsworthy items amongst the interviews!

A couple of quick post-show thoughts, stuff that didn't get on air, and a few other reminders of note...

  • We will keep giving away signed copies of Bob Fitrakis' book, "Did George W. Bush Steal America's 2004 Election? Essential Documents" (and we'll attempt to have them specifically signed to you by Bob himself when he's in town next week on his book tour) for a donation of $100 to the BRAD BLOG/BRAD SHOW. Over 700 pages of evidence in this just-published tome, including the entire Conyers Report! As they say...Act now! Only while supplies last!
  • (Otherwise, unsigned copies are available for $30 via I will be appearing with Bob at his event in Santa Monica on June 19th, by the way, if you're in the hood and wanna say hello! More details on his SoCal booktour here).

  • I spoke shortly after the show to the legendary Freeway Blogger whose time on the show was cut a bit shorter due to carrying Ray McGovern over for a few minutes into his hour. "Freeway" mentioned to me something that he'd wanted to say on air, but we didn't get to, and that is: Posting signs on the freeway is "not only useful for getting the message out...but it's also incredibly fun!". He went on to mention the adrenaline rush that one gets busting out of their car, posting their freeway sign quickly, and getting out before getting busted...Try it yourself sometime! And he's promised to join us "in-studio" next time he's down in the L.A. area on a Saturday evening.
  • A reminder that 27-year CIA Analyst, Ray McGovern, will be testifying at John Conyers' heaings on the Downing Street Minutes this Thursday, and they both request that we call C-SPAN and ask them to carry the hearings LIVE! Contact C-SPAN at (202) 737-3220 and via email at
  • Both of the above mentioned interviews may have contained some newsworthy items. Trouble is, I'm unable to transcribe them or even summarize BRAD SHOW interviews for the most part, largely due to time constraints (having none left for nothin') as I'm sure you can understand. It's been suggested BRAD BLOGGERS organize to work out something like that, which would likely help the entire enterprise as word continues to get out. I'd welcome any such organization, of course. Just can't do it myself for the moment :-(
  • Thanks to RAW STORY's John Byrne for busting in to the show with last night's breaking news out of London, concerning the latest "bomb" to drop in the Downing Street Minutes saga. We pledge to keep bringing you the latest as it happens on Saturday Night's shows while the rest of the Media is usually taking the night off (like they do on most of the other nights anyway).
  • The great song, "My Vote Don't Matter Anymore" that we played in the final five minutes of the show (and as mentioned in Robert Koehler's latest column) was by Victoria Parks, and is available for download via her website,".
  • Please let folks know about your favorite hours, available via, let 'em know when we're on LIVE (Saturdays 7p-11p ET, 4p-8p PT), and then feel free to call and write your favorite local radio stations and ask them to carry The BRAD SHOW via RAW RADIO! Ask them to contact the IBC Radio Network at or via email at Request that they carry the show live on the air in your home town!

    Again...thanks for all of your support! And we'll keep it up as long as we can afford to! :-)

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