By Brad Friedman on 3/23/2005, 3:33pm PT  

If you had any questions about what sort of fellow Ohio Secretary of State (and Co-Chair for Ohio's Bush/Cheney '04 campaign) J. Kenneth Blackwell is give a quick listen to this 4-minute audio report on yesterday's hearings from Ohio Public Radio featuring some of the heated exchanges between His Arrogance Mr. Blackwell, and some the questioners.

(See our previous report explaining this rare appearance by Blackwell who has, until now, snubbed all such hearings at which he was called to testify and refused to answer a single question about the 2004 Election which he was designated to oversee as "fair and impartial" arbiter.)

Additionally, we received this report from a congressional staffer who was inside the hearing room in Columbus on Monday:

In a complete abrogation of protocol, he refused to shake the hands of a fellow witness, Ohio Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

When Miss Tubbs Jones called him out on it, Blackwell explained that he wanted to see "how she acted" before he was willing to shake her hands. As if she was the one responsible for the voting rip-off and long lines in Ohio.

Because of his stonewalling during the question period, Tubbs Jones was forced to declare that Blackwell would have to "haul butt" if he wouldn't respond to his questions.

When called to task concerning the absurd paper weight requirements, he left the explanation for a staffer, and than left and made an obnoxious salute gesture toward the Democrats on the panel ľ Ranking Member Millender McDonald and Tubbs Jones.

(Hat tip to BRAD BLOG commenter, "MelissaB", for the link to the audio report!)