Republican Conspiracy Theorists Cry Foul
Sore Losers Can't Seem to Get Over It, Move On
By Brad Friedman on 12/23/2004, 7:44pm PT  

In yesterdays item on Election 2004, we reported on the 10 vote lead by Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Christine Gregoire after a hand recount of all ballots in the state of Washington.

With the remaining 700 previously uncounted absentee ballots from Kings County now added to the final results, AP has declared Gregoire the official winner by a convincing 130 vote margin.

The BRAD BLOG originally learned of this news via the Fox News crawl, so we must assume the final count is accurate.

While we are again reminded of the value of being able to count the actual votes of American citizens by hand in close elections when necessary, there are, unfortunately, according to the AP report, some sore losers in the Republican Party who can't seem to let go of the official results and move on.

Several GOP conspiracy theorists and extremist Rightwing bloggers continuing to desperately challenge the election results.

They are charging fraud in the election, along with changing rules and manufactured votes. As well, these extremist from the far rightwing of the Republican party may be preparing to contest the results further due to violations of the U.S. Constitution's Equal Protection Clause.

After several Republican trial lawyers have clogged the courts during the manual recount by filing frivilous lawsuits throughout the process --- only to have such embarrassing challenges roundly rejected by conservative and strictly constitutionalist rulings in several Washington courts, including their Supreme Court --- we can only hope that these extremist whackos will soon be able to set aside their divisive partisan agendas, remove their tinfoil hats once and for all, realize that their candidate got beaten fair and square and quickly get over it for the good of the state.

For some reason, however, we have a feeling they'll have trouble facing the fact that their team lost and that the people of Washington have clearly spoken by giving a broad statewide mandate to the Democrats. The voters there have issued a clear rejection to failed Republican policies along with their ill-conceived agenda.

The BRAD BLOG wishes to congratulate Governor-Elect Gregoire on her triumphant victory of good over evil in the Evergreen State!