By skippy the bush kangaroo on 2/3/2008, 2:35pm PT  

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hi, everyone, skippy the bush kangaroo here, and jon swift and i would like to thank the bradblog for allowing us to use this guest post to tell everyone about our blogroll amnesty day celebration this weekend.

in a nutshell, we believe blogroll amnesty should be an occasion to bring our readers' attention to other blogs thru generous linkage; diverse and new blogs which our readers may not be aware of, but would find interesting.

individual blogs like simply left behind, or blue gal or man eegee. group blogs like the moderate voice or correntewire or first draft. media blogs like make them accountable, or tireless blogs that always practice generous linkage, like the side show.

we know that the bradblog is one of the few sites that concentrates on investigating and reporting hard news, specifically about election integrity. we're especially honored, therefore, to be guest blogging here today...

it's our fervent belief that one reason the hardly-ever-right wing has made such progress in dominating the public debate is due to the carefully-constructed media infrastructure of meme-spreading and idea-reinforcing.

sean hannity, michelle malkin, glenn beck, matt drudge, rush limbaugh, fox news...all are part of a huge media echo chamber that repeats and reinforces talking points of the right wing.

the left needs a similar information infrastructure. tho we are but individual bloggers writing small blogs, we hope that the mutual cross-linkage of blogroll amnesty day will be a small step on the road to creating such an infrastructure.

the more diverse voices we can introduce each other to, the more our ideas of fairness and justice can be spread thru-out blogtopia, and yes, i coined that phrase!

please take a moment to click on the links of some blogs you've never read before, and help support various points of view.

and happy blogroll amnesty day!

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