By John Gideon on 1/28/2008, 6:00pm PT  

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In a surprise announcement late this afternoon ES&S has announced it has purchased all of the assets of AutoMark Technical Systems. This announcement means that ES&S will now manufacture and market the ballot marking devices. According to their press release this acquisition will now allow ES&S to “enhance the product as part of the company’s suite of end-to-end, fully integrated voting solutions.” In other words, they can now use inexpensive parts made in Asian sweatshops and sell the machines more expensively. Not explained in this release is what this sale will do to Diebold/Premier’s plan to market AutoMark machines.

The ACLU has now filed a motion with the courts in Ohio to stop Cuyahoga Co from using any central-count optical scan system as the primary system to count ballots in the March primary.

Those stories, and the other notable voting news today, all linked below...

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