By John Gideon on 12/29/2006, 5:12pm PT  

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"It is a matter of fundamental fairness, of good government, and of accountability that we get to the bottom of this election," said Rep. Rush Holt. "It is imperative that every election reflect the will of voters accurately. In the case of Florida-13, there is no way to know whether the result presented by the Florida Secretary of State is valid - in fact, there is significant evidence that it is not. 18,000 missing votes in a race certified on the basis of a 369 vote margin is an overwhelming indication that something went wrong." / Meanwhile the Judge who heard the Jennings evidentiary hearing has ruled against Democracy and for ES&S. Even though the state and ES&S have allowed computer scientists to look at the source code (presently an ongoing process) the judge refused to allow Jennings' experts the same courtesy. ...

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