By John Gideon on 11/20/2006, 4:45pm PT  

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Doug Chapin of 'said for all the flaws, Colorado was fortunate on two fronts. First, the problems were largely what he called ‘‘hassle factor,’’ and had nothing to do with allegations of inaccuracy, fraud or large-scale disenfranchisement. Plus, Florida grabbed the headlines again with a congressional race that has wound up in court.' I wonder how the fact that over 18,000 voters stepped out of lines over 4 blocks long and did not vote in Denver is not, arguably, 'large-scale disenfranchisement'? It is certainly "large-scale voter suppression" and much more than just a "hassle factor". / In Florida today the Jennings campaign has filed their election challenge. Groups representing the voters in Sarasota Co. have also announced a press conference for tomorrow morning. This PC will be followed by a lawsuit filed by those groups; VoterAction, PFAW-FL, ACLU, EFF....

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